Seeking new AV....Please!

If anyone would be so kind, I would like a new Av that has the following:

  1. My SN: Power-DN
  2. Rotates 3 different teams: Cable/Storm/Cyc - MSP - Storm/Sent/Cap
  3. The words: Which team?

I hope the request is not too hard or anything. If anyone is willing to take the request, just post if you want me to explain anything.

Thanks in advance!



i dont think ur gonna get it


Is it really that hard? I won’t pretend to know how much work it would take cuz I’m a graphics noob. Did I go a little overboard with the request?

naw its just annoying, anyways if you pick one of the teams, ill do it, but you better reply by friday afternoon or else you’ll wait till next next monday to get it

Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I’ll try to get it done some other time.
Thanks for the offer. Could you make me an AV with Storm on it then? No entire team needed.

Not sure what you posted. I only see an “X”. :frowning:

Here’s whut he posted dude

AsianDemon: Thanks for the new Av! Looks great. :smiley:
P.S. You weren’t at MWC were you? I met a bunch of different peeps that weekend and some were from FL.

Zenpuken: Thanks also.

naw i didnt go, i think blazer was the only azn from FL to go