Seeking new button layout panel for Hori RAP3

I’m finding that the button placement on a Hrap3, and most other joysticks for that matter is not very ergonomic for me. The issue is that since I find it natural to wrest the heel of my palm on the face of the joystick, my wrist is bent at a funny angle. Similar to how it is when I type on a standard keyboard that is too close to me.

The layout of the buttons in relation to each other is fine, but I’d prefer the button layout to be rotated about 30 degrees to the left.

While I’d probably prefer only 6 buttons (I’ve been disabling L1 and L2 as sometimes I accidently press them) having all 8 would be nice as well. I would probably just put those buttonhole plugs in for now, and if a game in the future came out with all 8 being important, I could snap them back in.

Also, with the button layout being different, the select and start buttons would need to be moved as well, likely to the 12:00 position of the joysticks face.

Any recommendations?

build yourself a new panel

I felt the same, god knows who designed the layout, they must have horribly bent wrists!

Build a replacement as mentioned. I found this layout to be perfect for me (where my fingers comfortably fall):

That would mean buying power tools that I’d never use again. I’d be better off buying a new stick altogether. That layout posted above would likely suit me just fine.

Go here:

Vocalninja just started orders again!