Seeking q25 control panel

I am looking for a 2 or 3 stick configuration control panel for a q25 capcom cabinet. I’ve had my q25 for a few years now and actually looked around for years on the net for information about the cabinet I have. Yesterday I just learnt the type of cab I have from other people’s sites. I’m happy to see that 2 and 3 stick configurations exist for a q25 but worried that the q25 parts are super rare. I basically want to swap out my single stick configurationn q25 CP for a 2 or 3 stick config CP. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my q25 has lost most of it’s usefulness because I am bored of playing a computer based opponent. I would even be willing to part with the single CP for a 2 or 3 CP. Please help me. Thank you!!!

To be more specific. I need a control panel for one of these.

Seems pretty rare. That guy says he’s yet to meet somebody else with a q25. The panel is made out of sheet metal right?

I can’t find the thread but there’s been a few HRAP mods and custom sticks where the top plate was replaced with just sheet metal that was cut to fit. If you can’t find the part you could always try making one- though that might be hard.

Making my own metal cp is way too hard. Maybe I’ll just dump it for a different candy cab. I’d like something that is larger, lighter and has two sticks. I’m sure if I part with my q25 I will miss being able to store 4 consoles and a pcb inside of it.

Here are pics of my sinlge player cab. I should rewire it. The wiring is pretty much the same as I got it. :frowning: I have no idea what that sticker on the side means.

[ 001.jpg]( 001.jpg)

[ 003.jpg]( 003.jpg)

[ 002.jpg]( 002.jpg)

[ 002.jpg]( 002.jpg)

[ 006.jpg]( 006.jpg)

I would stencil the player 1 layout on the left and right sides of the panel and see if it overlaps the layout in the middle. If it does by a lot then I’d get a piece of sheet metal from home depot. Go to meineke and ask them if they can tac weld a section of metal into that hole- they’d probably have to cut out a square section.

The guys over at my meineke are always looking to make an extra buck. I had them tac on an exhaust tip for my muffler- so I’d ask them if they could do that for you. After that you just overlay some kind of graphic and it will cover up what you did.

I’d buy it if you lived it NY :rofl:. I don’t think I’d have a problem modding that panel…

BTW if it doesn’t overlap then modding it should be very easy with a drill and a circular hole saw bit :open_mouth: