Seeking RJ 45 Cables


Hi Guys,
I just modded my stick (Thank You Godlike Controls for your amazing TE Kitty, it works perfectly in my SF4 SE), and I’d like to get some cables for my old consoles :slight_smile: I’m seeking Dreamcast, Gamecube, and SNES cables (1 each). It would likely be easier to find and buy the cables complete, rather than hunting down all the bits and pieces to make my own, I think. Can anyone out there help me out? Thanks :slight_smile:


@EJM or @Gummo can make them, though its often faster if after you broker the deal, to send them the raw materials, e.g. DC, GQ, SNES extension cords, & RJ45 caps


After doing more investigation, i realized it would likely be easier if I just made them. I’ll post back if I Have problems :slight_smile: