Seeking superior Jagga training



anyone out there willing to train me?

GT: mikeachusetts


Im not that great, I just started. But im willing to to spar with ya to get better.

GT: DarkJester916


My two mains are Adon/Fei Long, leaning towards Adon nowadays. I’m not great but getting better.

GT: datapanik


Does anyone have PSN? MuayLaoLanXang is mine, plz add me.


Feel free to add me on psn.


Star Wars fan?

OBi-Wan is my hero.


Nah star wars sucks ass i wish it would die a horrible death!!!


I’m always up for some adon mirror’s. feel free to add me.


I’m down for some games, just picked up adon last week, I play a few other characters too. (Ken, Sakura, alittle akuma, Cody)
Xbox only btw