Seeking X-23 Adviser for 'Assist Me' Web Series

What’s up X23 experts. I’m looking for the advice of a talented X-23 player for help in a near future episode of Marvel vs Capcom 3: The Online Warrior featuring X-23.

Normally, I’m usually up to the task of dissecting, analyzing, and evaluating specific character elements and strategies…but the brutal truth is, I have very little X-23 in game experience. ‘Then why make a video on X-23?!’ you might ask. In some situations, getting the actors/crew ready for a large task like this takes priority over my in-game knowledge. I figured this forum would house some of the most gifted players, as I am looking for general to expert advice.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, please refer to the following links.

Dr. Doom:

The main points to be covered are…

and Combos/Xfactor

Essentially, the details cover a broad basis for the above topics. What is really needed is an expert to advise for all the above, while showing high level strategies that can be applied to each area. Deadly mixups, unique DHC or assist setups, and anything else that makes X-23 unique as a character is the most important.

Of course, I’d gladly give you proper mention during the ending credits, specifically titled as ‘X-23 In-Game Combat Adviser’. There would also be mention of others who helped in a special thanks section as well. I appreciate any help you all can provide, and look forward to speaking with one(or many) of you shortly.


Are you asking for advice to be given via posts in the thread, or 1 on 1 pms?
I would advise you to look at Deviljin’s videos on x-23 they help a lot.

I could definitely be of help. Not that I’m in big tournaments every month or nothing but I’ve been studying a lot on how to play her past a rudimentary style that’s only effective online against other online warriors. She has a lot of different tools and the tools that make her really scary outside of her level 3 require execution that the average player wont just put together in a day or 2. I can help with most of the stuff but I know Ryuga specifically has some input that he could add involving her biggest damage combos and XF combos.

Watching your videos DevilJin, you’re attention to detail would be excellent in this project. It doesn’t have to be in this thread, but what I would need is an extensive write up for the above main topics I mentioned.

and Combos/Xfactor

Video support is greatly appreciated, as it lets me see what I need to demonstrate and capture later down the line during editing. If you watch the Doom/Wesker ‘Assist Me’ videos, you’ll understand the attention to detail each segment consists of. It doesn’t have to all be at once either. Any of those really unique or tricky things the character has, is another great element to detail during the video.

I don’t want to make this seem like a ton of work, so we can take it in segments and strides if you like.

When you ask for assists I’m assuming you mean a run down of the assists she has and how they are used?

I’ll send you messages with breakdowns of each part one at a time or whatever i can do.

Yeah, I can help with the combo side of things, as can Sakeido and 10stars. :slight_smile:

Others on this forum(like BurnSilvR and MoFro etc.) can help out with team composition. Your best bets are Sakeido, MoFro, Easiertorun, DevilJin01(has the best source of X-23 info regarding everything lol) and 10stars, amongst others.


Thanks much, and yes. Essentially the Assist part covers each one of her Assist and it’s level of usability. All things don’t have to be effective, it’s also important to note the weaknesses of the character as well.

What is really good is a general summary with some specific highlights on certain elements per category. Covering the basis, while also delving into the more in-depth high level tactics.


Combos would be great, especially in video form so I can see it and hopefully reproduce it in HD capture.

OK, to start you off, this is Sakeido’s combo tutorial:

And here’s the current best loop from 10stars without any jump-ins:

I’ll capture some X-Factor combos and assists combos as well for you soon and post them here.

Hey Maximilian! I already reached out to you on youtube but I can understand if you didn’t catch my message. I’d be happy to help! In fact I was already throwing around the idea of an X-23 video with sakeido and DevilJin but when I heard you were interested in doing X-23 I put that on hold :slight_smile:

What’s the best way I can help? Do you just want us to do a quick write-up on the topics you cover in your videos? I can also capture HD video so if you need me to record some stuff I’d be happy to do that for you.

Here’s a video of ETR (EasierToRun) and myself playing a long, long set of matches, this should give you some ideas I think:


Or how about we play some matches online? :slight_smile:

That video feels like ages ago now, compared to the things I’ve learned since then haha.

That makes me sad - I haven’t really had much chance to play since then. :frowning: lol

Guess I can stop with the stuff I’ve been doing >> <<

I wouldn’t say that so much yet. This is just a way of getting basics of X23 out to players who play the game but dont sit on SRK long enough to read through stuff to figure out how to play her. Maximillian’s videos are popular outside of the SRK community and will do the best job of just getting a lot of people to understand how the character works better. Even his Wesker turtorial just gets into enough of his basic workings for the average player to understand. Wesker has quite a few advanced techniques that weren’t necessarily explained in the tutorial either. There’s multiple turtorial videos for a character like Wesker and more than one never really hurts. Just like how more than one for X23 wont hurt anybody either.

It’s on you but you definitely dont have to stop just because one guy wants to get a more educated level of play for the character out there. Definitely can’t wait for Max’s tutorial either way.

It might actually be better if Max does it, his stuff is awesome. I have an idea for something else will hit you a pm soon.

Hey max, i’d be interested in helping out. Send me a pm if you haven’t found someone already.

Hey guys, sorry to be absent for the past week or so. The shoot is done and I’m going to be going into the grit of doing the commentary/in-game footage now. DevinJin was kind enough to provide an extensive compendium of information of character info. The only thing I really need now is combos. If anyone has any way to record in HD, that would be perfect. Essentially, there should be maybe 4-5 combos each with a description of how it’s useful/easy/or hard to pull off.

Feel free to shoot me a PM, thanks!

I’m sure Ryuga should be able to send you something nice soon. Just thinking about live action X23 has me hype. LOL.

I can record combos just not in HD yet unfortunately

I had to give back the recording equipment LOL, sorry. Are you alright with SD stuff, 'cause my X-Factor tutorial’s still there.

Or I could give you some sort of transcript for all the combos.

I have a bunch recorded, just waiting to hear back from Maximilian about how to get it in his hands…