Seems like capcom will be charging for extra Quick combos presets

That sux

At least this is something that, unlike the DLC characters, won’t have any impact on serious players beyond boosting the “execution” of online scrubs.


If I’m reading this correctly, the combo presets don’t really do anything a decent player couldn’t do himself. Seems like a crutch for less-skilled players more than anything else. No harm in it, really, especially considering the possibility of preset combos going through automatically. No manual control = no hit confirm, should make it fairly easy to bait and punish this sort of thing.

Quick combos are ass unless you think dying faster is a good thing. You can’t confirm then and even worse, if you whiff you still do the full combo on nothing.

I’d pay for DLC that played a laugh track when someone used an insta-combo.

i approve. people shouldn’t be using things like quick combos presets anyway. if you’re not good enough to execute the combo yourself, you shouldn’t being using it. simple as that. is should be enough that they made games easier for bad players by introducing shortcuts and comeback mechanics, do you really need to have EVERYTHING given to you?

quick combos would actually be really really good if the string was safe. If you can find that then I’d use them that way you don’t ever drop the combo…no player is 100% on their combo execution, especially with links


These are luxuries for people that really need them. Moving on…

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Can you hit-confirm attacks, then input the quick-combo command and get your combo to come out? If so, the gem would be good, even if the string were unsafe…

So you gotta pay for combos, colors, and characters?

Win with your wallet.

Colors are free. Everything else though…

This DLC shit is getting crazy. They don’t know what to invent to continue charging. Nothing new anyway, there’re already online players with programmable controllers.

It’s one meter to use these quick combos in game. It’s not like you’re going to break top tournament players now for $8.95.

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Okay, I’m a sucker for most DLC and downloadable stuff in general, but even I wouldn’t bite on this. Seriously? Selling quick combos?

Quick combos, I almost forgot they were in the game. Thanks reminding me buying DLC ones… NOT. Nothing to see here people. Nothing worth raging over…

this MUST be a joke

…or some bad idea they just put in and then buried in the disc, when they realized how stupid that was.

These DLC combos are funny. In theory, since these use up one meter on activation, you’re looking at most a two EX combo or a Super cancel. These won’t automate tag combos for beefy damage that people work for. You will need to preset another combo for your partner to expend another meter on. So what do we have here… two meters for QC’s and one for a tag? You have no room for EX or Super moves. By the time your partner finishes his/her QC sequence, the damage is pretty much bad haha. Might as well Cross Art.

People need to stop supporting Capcom games to send them a message that their new direction of player customization in fighting games, along with their DLC schemes suck shit. Ono is a clown. Get him away from Darkstalkers 4 or fighting games in general.