Seems Seimitsu made a bad run of PS-14-G buttons


A couple of weeks ago I received some black/white PS-14-G buttons from, and to my disappointment they just didn’t fit in my SFIV SE stick. I figured it was a small, bad production run, but today I received my order from, and the all blue and pink PS-14-G’s in that shipment had the same problem. They’re likely between 0.5 and 1 mm too wide in diameter, making sure they just won’t fit in a 30mm mounting hole. I have older pink, black/yellow, black/white and yellow PS-14-G’s that fit just fine in my SFIV SE.

The PS-14-G is my favourite button but I must warn y’all that you might receive some from the bad production run if you do order. Now, I’ve only tried it with my SFIV SE stick, so they might fit in my VSHG, but I don’t think there’s any reason to believe the SFIV SE isn’t up to spec.

I don’t know if this is the case with other buttons from Seimitsu, but I’d like to hear other people’s experiences with regards to this.


Why would all the old buttons work fine then? The Sanwa knock-offs it came with were fine as well.


i had this with my new Sanwa buttons, seems on the rim of the button underneath the head there was 4 little notches … presumably designed to secure the button in place but itn fact it just stopped them from going in all the way

so i had to shave down those little notches with a pen knife and hey presto snug as a bug!

dont know if this will help you im not familiar with how seimitsu buttons fit :frowning:


It is mostly that notches / tabs thing that you need to remove before it fits perfectly.
That has always been the case in my case.


To be sure I checked the wonky buttons when modding my VSHG with some black/yellow PS-14-G’s, and none of the buttons that wouldn’t fit in the SFIV SE fit in the VSHG either. I think I can safely say that Seimitsu’s made some bad buttons here.


My p-14-g buttons that I put in my SE were very tight… Just had to push a little bit. Also if they were at all crocked they would not go in


I had to shave my sanwa’s down… I just used a letter opener on the 4 tabs around the lid of the button, took about 30 minutes to get all 8 in.


I’ve had the same problem with putting PS-14-Gs in my Madcatz SE stick. I didn’t bother testing to see if it’s the button itself or if the holes on the top plate were a little off. I had to force 2 buttons into the hole.

And are your PS-14-G buttons really loud and feels a bit cheap? More than other Seimitsu buttons, like PS-14-Ks?


I bought a batch of GNs (screw-in) recently and they fit the SE holes perfectly as do the KNs. You do have to dremel down the corner of the mounting plate but that’s no big deal. I prefer them to snap-ins. No spinning in the case.


I don’t have any other Seimitsu buttons on hand to compare to. I do have some OBSF-30’s though (from the VSHG of course) and I don’t like them much compared to the PS-14-G buttons.


If these buttons were to go in it would require a hammer. And then they’d NEVER come out again. This goes for all the buttons I’ve mentioned that were bad.


Are you SURE it’s not the little notches/tabs?


Notches/tabs? They won’t go in much beyond the connectors.

I edited the following pic with an arrow to indicate just about how far they can go down:

On the ones I have the straight part of the button protrudes a bit, creating a ridge above the rounded part. That’s where the buttons get stuck.


same problem…

Just wanted to let the OP know that I had exactly the same problem.

I decided to make a “Ken” version of the SF4 stick using Semit. stick & buttons. The colors I picked were black rimmed + red center for the 6 buttons on left, and all black for the two on right.

The two all black buttons popped in easily. However, the red/black buttons were a royal pain in the butt to get in. They felt like they wouldn’t go in, but as another poster stated if you hold them very straight and apply some significant force, they will go in. It is very tight and they might not be able to be popped out w/o much struggle, but they do fit.

I agree that they need to do better Q/C and make the buttons just a bit less wide.

Nothing too flashy, but makes a good “ken” themed counterpart to what could be considered RYU’s colors on the official stick by default.

All things said and done, comparing my all-sanwa stick to all-seimitsu stick, I like the sem. stick better but sanwa buttons better.


The quickest way to fix this is to use a nail file or sand paper on the notches. You don’t even have to file it down that much, takes less than a minute for each button.


Again, as someone posted above its not the notches. The width of the entire bottom casing is just a tad too wide for the hole. Some of the buttons have extra plastic between the bezel and straight part at the bottom, which exacerbates the problem. But, if you get rid of that plastic, ensure it is straight, then use some significant force it will go in, albeit not as smoothly as it should.



What you describe is definitely Q/C NOT a tab problem.

Even all the Sanwas that I DIDN’T shave the tabs on first fit securely into my Hori faceplates.

I didn’t use knives to shave off the tabs, though. It’s easier to use a dremel to grind them off with a sanding barrel attachment.

I don’t see how you’d fix the Seimitsu problem without shaving/sanding the diameter of the button on the bottom so it’ll at least squeeze through smoother… That’s probably the safer thing to do rather than increase the diameter of the faceplate holes. If you mess with the faceplate too much, you’ll ruin the situation for when you have to replace the buttons in the future. Better to do the surgery on the buttons than the faceplate.


Nice looking stick. And thanks for sharing your experiences. It definitely felt like most of the bad run ones I had wouldn’t fit at all, but in any case I was afraid I’d be destroying the plate on the SE stick if I got too violent in trying to make my blue ones fit. I also prefer to have the option of being able to take them out again one day. I’d LOVE to have some blue PS-14-G’s from a good run, so they’d fit in my SE, even though the yellow ones in there now probably fit the colour scheme better.

I also got some pink ones that were too wide, and they’re being put in my DC Agetec Stick, where you have to widen the holes anyway.


Received some green ones today. They were too big as well.


you gotta make sure the button are straight going in . This is a retarded argument. You obviously need to learn to put in button straight.