Seen any TE sticks in the store lately?

It’s already april and I was wondering if you guys have seen any Tournament Edition fightsticks in the store yet.


I called up a couple Gamestops at 3pm today. No dice, but I have a suspicion they’re just lying and they’re just rolling in the fightsticks at the store. They probably have a Couch made up of fightsticks, and a fightstick coffee maker, and a fightstick cash register.

wahahaha, lmao i’m imaging them just making castles and shit with the boxes and boxes of sticks that they have stashed up.

Sucks if they are not making any.

it’s in stock at

but for $250!!!

but is this a sign that other stores should be getting them in stock soon?

nope. just order one


Stock Status: (Out of Stock)
Availability: SOLD OUT

they were available on amazon from secondary seller Beachaudio early this morning for 180.00 I ordered one at like 3am.
BeachAudio sold out and they are back to crazy price already though.

His post was on 04-02-2009. There not still going to be in stock 10 days later.

coffee maker yes couch no but thanks for the idea

The best part of waking up is hadoken in your cup.

i spoke to a ton of gamestop people, they said even if they come in employees are buying them… how shady

LOL. GameStop employees already in on the cash cow.

And that’s what pisses me off the most. Instead of letting people actually buy them at MSRP, they are trying to keep the price up for their benefit. Another reason why I hate Gamestop.

play n trade in so cal has them.

why is that shady?
if you are a gamer lets say SF4 player and work at GS, ofcourse you got benefits with in the job.

it’s shady if they’re reselling them at a higher price. but who’s to say they are/aren’t, right?

My friend did that for 4 of our friends locally, he said he would be damned if he had to give to customers with pre-orders versus his friends pre-orders.

I picked up a 360 TE stick today (4/12/2009) at Play N Trade in El Monte, CA for $169.99 ($189.99 after tax). Do not go to the Whittier Play N Trade. They’re like out of business or something. The Play N Trade in Buena Park, CA is suppose to get some tomorrow (4/13/2009). They warned that they usually go within 4-5hrs. So you gotta be quick. The Play N Trade in El Monte sounded like they had PS3 sticks.