Seen any TE sticks in the store lately?

lol tax is not 20 dollars
it’s 184.86 after tax.

Just got mine

yeah just picked mine up yesterday:lovin: The Gamecrazy in laverne CA got one in and i got them to hold it for me.

I think you picked up the last one as they had only two when I called yesterday. I bought one, but was thinking of thinking of buying two.

lizard lick got some in, picked one up locally (360 version)

Actually, I saw two in an SF Gamestop last week. Sadly, they were for 360. Being a PS3 player, I cried and immediately went up the street for a few shots.

They are trickling through, and thankfully, not all of the employees are snatching them up for themselves.

My bad. I paid 185.71. 9.25% in El Monte.

They won’t be common till no one wants them

Haha cool. I’m from Hacienda Heights. I went to the one in Whittier, then Buena Park, finally my wife said just call the one in El Monte. Luckily they had one. Now I can cancel my pre-order off Pretty cool you got one too!

Got mine at Alhambra Game Crazy on Friday morning. 360 TE version