Sega blast city panel repro HELP!


Ive been trying to figure out how to reproduce the art on a sega blast city control panel. For those who are unfamiliar heres a link

Ive been jumping between both illustrator and photoshop to recreate the texture iv tried meshfill using the pin tool to create shapes and filling them with gradients at this point i feel like im spinning my wheels does anyone have any suggestions. I been at this for a while and im at the end of my rope

thanks in advance


What do you have so far? Wanna post your .psd?


heck no I havent kept anything. Really havent even come close the methods ive been using clearly are not what was used originally. im wondering if i should try some new brushes or something

any suggestions


you were using non-default brushes. You could the liquify tool, but idk…