Sega blast city with xbox360 support!


Ok so I have recently come to the conclusion that I have too many cabinets :(. So up for sale is a really nice blast city with the original nanao 2930 tri sinc monitor. It also boasts the 001 loom with stereo sound and jst hookups to provide power for naomi/chihiro/triforce/namco 246/ namco 256 and many other more recent boards. The cab is very clean both inside and out and the side art is in good shape. When I got it I removed the cp enclosure and cleaned inside and underneath it, along with giving the entire cab a wipe down. It has brand new (just installed tonight) Sanwa hardware. The monitor is really sharp in this cab the pics seriously don’t do it justice. I have also hacked some xbox360 pads into a jamma pass through so you can play your 360 on it through all the existing wiring. This way you can play all the newest titles at a fraction of the cost of the board plus you can go head to head with people online. I will also include 360 VGA cables and rca adapters so the stereo sound hooks right into the 001 loom. It comes all ready to just plug in your Xbox 360 and play. You can also hook the xbox pads up to a computer and make a nice mame cab with very little work since the monitor already accepts VGA. I also recently replaced the fan in the psu. Everything on this cab works 100%. I am asking $1200 obo for the cab. If you want additional pics or have any questions please feel free to contact me. The cab is located in the San Francisco bay area.


Is that a KI1 and a KI2 cabinet in the background? Very nice cab for sale and you’ve got a sweet cab collection. Good luck with sales. :tup:


Yes sir it is and thankyou very much


This is still available, I can remove the Xbox stuff if anyone is looking to shave some money off the asking price


why do you have so many arcade cabinets :eek:


Haha I have a weakness I just really like them and enjoy restoring them. They remind me of younger days, plus I like to play the arcade originals rather than console ports