Sega button layout vs Vewlix layout

Despite title, not a versus thread. I’m just wondering if anybody uses both of these layouts regularly and has trouble going from one to the other. The arcades I play or have played at have all used Sega layout, so the customs I’ve built have used the same since I wanted to have the same layout at home. Now I see that most (if not all) retail sticks have the Vewlix layout, so the only reasonable direction looks like getting a moddable retail stick, and adding the desired parts. I’m primarily a 3S player, so I really don’t want Sega layouts to become awkward. I realize the only difference is the position of the two rightmost buttons (out of the main 6), but hey, you never know.


Mad Catz & Hori are going back to Sega layout (see latest Soulcalibur 5, DoA5 & TTT2 sticks) :smiley:

In six button layouts, there is no problem. However, in 8 button layouts, I find the Vewlix to be uncomfortable for my pinkies.

I switched between both pretty regularly over the years, and I much prefer Sega. I think a lot of it is based on how close you keep your elbow to you as you play, and also if you’re a ‘button slapper’ or a ‘piano player’ with your button presses.

Well Namco Noir for the Namco games. Close enough. :wink:

Couldn’t care less most of the time. They feel about the same comfort level most of the time unless you absolutely need to use eight 30mm buttons (which you don’t 98-99% of the time).

Like Mr. Kong, the Sega Astro layout IS also more comfortable for me when I choose to use 8-button layouts. The curvature of the buttons follows your handprint/finger tips more closely and feels more natural. That’s the style Hori used for the better part of at least 5 years with the HRAP 2 and 3 joysticks. The straight button layouts put more stress on the fingers when you go beyond six. That’s why people cut off/cover up the last two Viewlix buttons or ignore/cover up the first two buttons on the HRAP 1 layouts.

Besides the activation pressure on buttons, the button layout is the single biggest area of stress for many players. I need curvature in my button spread; I never liked the old American SFII button spread… Too straight, too spread out, bad activation pressure on the HAPP buttons IMHO, and the general layout was sized for gorillas. (I have Asian-sized hands.)

At any rate, both Japanese styles are still in production and one is bound to be comfortable for most unless you have to have a MAS layout…

For all intents and purposes, the Sega layout is superior imo. The button layout much better fits the natural design of your fingers, and the spacing between the stick and buttons feels just right.

Out of curiosity, is there a game that actually uses 8-buttons in a cabinet? Buttons assigned to macros don’t count.

i prefer sega, not just for the buttons but the joystick is also further from the buttons…with the eightarc my thumbs are always banging into eachother…highly annoying

No, which is why any “premium” stick should just have 6 buttons on the face, I mean come on already.

I never really had that problem with thumbs banging into each other. I guess it takes a bit of practice to get used to playing on the compact stick-to-button dimensions of Eightarcs/Qanbas. Still the best bang-for-buck stick on the market today.

I figured that’s the reason. I mean, the 8-button design is only there to give the player a choice between using the staggered layout of the straight button layout. But I guess just removing the extra buttons and putting in plugs is the way to go.

I use American grid layout like a REAL MAN.

I don’t know how you can say that when you can get the far superior madcatz sc5 stick for almost 1/4 of the price

just to make it clear. Astro/Sega =/= NamcoNoir. joystick distance makes a bit of a difference.

you can only 1-Hand virtua fighter properly with an Astro layout.

Pretty neat deal right now. I’m comparing average listed price, and not sales, since I’m not always checking up on sales. AFAIK, original listed price for any madcatz product is at least $120 brand new, and I do believe prices have gone up since then.

Plus the Qanba is dual-modded, and has a nice felt bottom. Well worth the extra price for what you get.

Thanks for the opinions. After looking through some product lists, it seems like far/close distance between controls and Sega/Vewlix button layout are together in varying combinations, often depending on what game it’s marketed for. Since I play on Versus City cabs, I “prefer” close distance, Sega layout, and minimal wrist space, which is apparently a rare combination unless it’s labeled for a Sega branded game (eg. the Hori VF5 stick). Guess I’ll just have to compromise on something else if I want to stick with the Sega layout.

Oh man, I wish someone would capture the unlockable combo videos from VF4:Evo and put them on youTube already… hint hint

I’ll take astro over vewlix anyday. 2p sega layout if it’s an option is my personal favorite. unless i’m playing marvel. for that i use american strait 6

You can buy Sanwa or generic button hole covers to smooth off the last two on the 8 button sticks. I’d put mine down to just 3 up front these days, but then you need most of them to adjust and zoom the costumes in Final Showdown.

Nothing that has a actual arcade cab counter part that requires 8 buttons.

Games like Mahjong, Pop’n Music and so on doesn’t count as they don’t utilize joysticks.

Fighting games that come close are Final Showdown, Mortal Kombat (2012), Skull Girls and Maybe BlazBlue (as per my own set up)
I also was able to take advantage of having 8 buttons in Radiant Silvergun.

I don’t think any of those games require 8 buttons. A lot of those buttons are just macros that aren’t necessary afaik. I think all those games use 6 buttons or less.

For me both layouts suck. There are not the “improved” ergonomically layouts, they are designed to keep the ellbow of the player 1 at his site to let room for player 2 (By shifting the bottom row to the left), the player 2 (astro city)has the “improved” ergonimically layout.
I also prefer the hori transition layout much more over both (HRAP1)