Sega Cabinet group buy. Eastcoast. Pickup in Baltimore

Dont know if anyone of you guys would be interested in picking up a Sega new astro / versus / new versus City cabinet for $650. Someone on neo geo forums is attempting a group buy. Heres the link!!

I’m in the right place but in the wrong time. Do they do this frequently? I might join in once i have some funds again.

I don’t think it happens on the east coast a lot. He’s done it once before and it worked out. Hopefully their are more after this one.

damn i want one asap but no cash can they wait a month for this ?

It’s rare. He hosted one about 3-4 years ago, then we had one about a year ago. Now he is doing another one. Great deals if you can afford the time and money to do.

8 more people! It’s gonna be tough since the last machines are versus city’s and new versus city’s.

I live in NoVA (near DC) and can tell you even with a single cab or container order it takes like 3 to 4 weeks shipping.

Its a great deal if you can get in on it, but if you cant, because of timing, or its not the right cab for you…

You can order when you’re ready from CoinOP (shipping is like 300, and if you have questions i’ll help)

Or… Order a Kraylix (solid build quality and you can really go to town customizing)

I’ve ordered from both, twice from CoinOP, because i like the legit metal/plastic cabinet builds, but Kray’s cabs are really solid too, just doing the paint and finish was a little much for me so I sold mine to a guy in PA.

Which cabinet did you order from coinop? Did they deliver it to your door? And how much did it come out to?

I wanted to order from coinop but it said shipping was going to be around 600 on the site so I have up on that site. If its cheaper then that would be awesome.

I ordered a tekken 6 Noir clone, and sold it to a cool Chinese guy from MD, and Finally got my Viewlix Clone.

Paid 1800 for my Noir - then another 4oo on shipping.
Paid 1400 for my Taito Clone and another 450 on shipping.

There are a few “hidden” fee’s like the customs broker in NY who wants 125 for putting your crate on a truck to the area near you, and then sometimes a storage fee at the warehouse.
But if you cant get in on a group buy, or they dont have a cab you like/love… I say save a few more paychecks and get exactly what you want.

I settled for the Noir because they had no Taito Clone stock, but as soon as I saw they had one I sold the first cab and placed my order.

Kray’s cabs are great and allow for alot more customization, just look at what rcaido is doing with his, he’s got like 3 of em.

The delivery was to a warehouse in my area (near Dulles Airport if your familiar with the area, if not its like 30 min outside DC if you drive like I do.).

I then rolled up with a pick up truck and uncrated the Noir and put it in the back.
The Viewlix layed down in the back of my subaru forrester, and i left all the crate junk at their warehouse.