Sega Develops For A New Console


Sega Peecast


Thread title is a god damned tease. I hate you.


Since the failure of Dreamcast, and until the release Virtua Fighter 5:FS, Sega is only worthy of being peed on anyway.


Working with human waste definitely suits Sega.


Words cannot describe how OLD this “newly” developed information truly is.

Nuff said.


I came.



Piss poor graphics

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Now you gotta have a Sonic game if you’re launching a new console. Sonic gives Amy a golden shower anyone?


man had my self ready for dreamcast 2



I came here expecting Dreamcast 2


this news is such a waste


This would be the most awkward thing to actually use. Can you imagine all the men just standing in a row, pissing in their urinals while having to listen to the electronic sounds coming from both their urinal and everybody else’s?



Drunk I would destroy people in this game.


WTF?! Sega must be struggling if they have to make something like this. Shit, when I piss the last thing I am thinking off is playing a game. Would love to have heard the board meeting when the jack ass who came up with this idea explained it.


Nothing more but a wet dream…cast.


a touchscreen that has been touched by everyones dickhand?



We should have a tournament for this at EVO. After grand finals and not getting up for hours so you don’t lose your seat, we should have gallons of collective piss in the ballroom.


I remember back in my day when the Japanese played wholesome games, like Donkey Kong and Boong-Ga Boong-Ga

wait…where’s that finger going???


the sega wee


i must know more about this game