Sega genesid 6 button internal cord cable to db9 pun correlstion

My friend didn’t learn his lesson with 2 cthulhu RJ45s beibg screwed up in 2 different ways. …

He didn’t learn to not wire by color alone.

Main question:

What wire is voltage?

He says it’s the grey wire. I read it’s pin 7 going by traditional numbering standards.

First is the grey wire always the pin 7 wire? If it’s not l, does it always hold true that I should assunme the precidence is pin nunber over wire color?

Based on what i know about Component TV hookups and audio hookups, and the recent cthulhu problen, always foliow position over color.

If that’s the case, i hope he properly wrote a color and pin cheat sheet for ny partucular unit.

If not. He didnt learn.

Well 10 minutes later after i was trying to find my information on srk, he said he wanted the answer to one specific and i was asking questions about context.

When someone says “the next controller i want is the Sega Genesis 6 button controller”. Do you assume a sega controller with 6 buttons is the Genesis 6, or a saturn cobtroller?

If you assume we know Saturn uses a cthulhu adapter without damaging a controller, and the genesis uses a 9 pin and the saturn doesn’t, you’d assume it’s genesis.

But it didn’t say Genesis (because in Brazil and Europe it was also a Master System controller) on the controllet itself, so he assumed it was Saturn. I soecifically said 6 button. He worked on the 3 button controller. Wouldn’t you disqualify a 3 button controller because I said 6?

I assume outside the cthulhu and Genesis, everything else could fall equally under AtariAge as well as Shoryuken.

Thankfully he got the cthulhu working. He said my concept worked. The hardest part is explaining my wiring system. I want it to be easy in, easy out for the user.

I know i have unusual needs. I asumed i only goy a 360 only fight stick when I first used him is because I didn’t expoain it well.

Noe I’m beginning to question how much is me. When i told him to go in left to right order, he insisted in color. Twice he failrd, and once I concinced him hr actually succeeded. I even researched reasons why wiring by color is not automatically a good thing. Third time, he STILL didn’t learn.

Funny thing is told him I was in no hurry, since i make little money. I’d rather talk and make sure we get it right than move quick and redo workz because I’d pay for it.

With the genesis he gave menthe impression h3 wasn’t sure, so i i looked on srk. And found no joystick surgery for general handynan instructions. So he started working on it without me knowing and is asking out of context questions. If you know what you’re doing and need hands, he’s good. But he thinks he knows much more than he does.

That’s why i ask lots of online help, to get the technical info, becaude i’m a dabbler in joystick making, but iI know a hole that’s ready to fill in the marketplace. And know a good solution. But i couldn’t dobut alone.

If nothing else. I got exactly the labor i paid for.

I know i can be a pain to work with. But hevdies’t think he is. I know I only know cwrtain things. But the things I assume I have good instincts on.

At least I’ll have sonething ti shiw proof of design working.

I will write back when the jotystick and all unused parts we didn’t finish using come in.

By the way, me and my joystick maker wish each other well. We noth said it was nothing petrsonal… pure business.

He hopes i can find someone else, and I may find that soneone else sooner than expected on atariage, because now most of the new experimental stuff deals specifically with Jaguar, and systems older than Genesis other thab NES. and even though there’s no game recognized as a fighting game we recognize today on those systems, ( maybe Jaguar has a few) there are still plenty of good reasons to own a joystick.

I think one of the problems was I wasvtrying to solve the left-stick-only bias in the mass market stick once and for all, instead of making it just for me. I know i made unconventional choices from the perspective of a personal fight stick. But I believe the mainstream fight stick market might grow somewhat if my issues are addressed.

From an quasi-outsider’s perspective, some merchants would call you “very specific customers”. Everyone has their favorite layout, button and stick making companies, etc, and will defend them almost to the death…

However most if you are adaptable enough where if push came to shove and you couldn’t fix your stick between matches, you could run on an emergency “standard” stick. It’s a esports eqivalent of playing through a minor injury in (to find a term that doesn’t imply esports are “fake sports”) body sports. (Sort of like “ball golf” to a frisbee golfer or “large scale golf” to a mini-golfer).

But if my ambi stick breaks down, based on the market mood among those willing to pay $10-100 in skill based tournament fees to win both honor and many times more than your wager, i am almost literally “a one legged man in an ass whooping contest” if my joystick breaks. I have to go left stick. I could still plsy for enjoyment, but if i put my money down, against people good enough to wager on themselves, (vthat spearates the cauals and hardcores) I’m as good as eliminated.

Then again, they used that line on WWE to set up a short career of a literal one-legged wrestler.

I’ve research that JAMMA standards are what arcade owners, (not home players) want. Their goal in designing controls is to increase quarters pumped into their machines. The hone user’s goal is to improve gameplay with better controls. In my case, that’s dimetrically opposed . That’s the main reason why literally every system-authorized stick after Beeshu went out of business is stick-left button-right.

I’m sorry that I’m so mono-focused. But If you were willing to buy a custom SF2 stick for Genesis and SNES becausenothong off yhe sand got burnt 2 werks after ordering a custom job , but had the best possible accomplishment one can get in 2 weeks, especially in retrospect, partially because of the person who would be later famous for gaming among our group of friends, you’d be saying the exact same stuff that I’m saying.

And yes, I know i can be overdemanding in this kind of case. But when it’s done a certain way,. You tend not to break that habit, unless you’re given a damn good reason. That’s what makes the SRK hired people difficult to work eith FROM MY PERSPECTIVE. I know I’m the outlier, and probably very few people wiuld work with me. I have spwcific things i know I want but have holes in knowledge i need help filling.

The only other person who undetstood what i wanted bettet actially tried to take advantage og me. Affing a feature i described but i said i didn’t want at that point or think was practical until i got some success or a reason to include it. He was holding me hostagw by saying eithet shut up and accept it, or he’ll do it completely my way. But it’s caveat emptor.

I took option c. I left him.

Stan was knowledgable enough to understand that I was doing something fairly new. I was trying to convey soecifuc things, but left the rest open to him. And his craftsmanship was way better than KY Enterprises. I didn’t micromanage minor details. I insisted in the major ones, but i want him to feel comfortable and fir him to think it’s possible before he actually did it. He’d feel bad if ge could gave saved the project if he had more say so, but knew if he over-imposed he’d defeat the whole point of it. So there’s balance between 2 extremes.

I figured the balance is so delicate than anything can tip it over. I’m just glad that the balance lasted long enough to produce something tangable.

I read all this thinking you had a db9 question…

Sorry about your breakup with stan but I think it’s best for both of you.

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Yes I know I’m kind of picky, and go againdt conventions, but every joystick maker seems to build sticks on their terms. One weird thing is the most one can handle on one project.

I know to there wte yoo many issies. If I solve it once, I’ll solve it all from 2600 to 360 ( when I first worked with this guy.)

Our leaving was because he insisted on answerd i couldn’t deliver at the time. Hr was asking fot fors grey slwayd rqual pin 7 on segac4 button. I was confused by what model number he gave me. I thought i clearly said 6button. He thought the word genesis appeared on the 6 button. (it was also for 6 button kaster system games in europe and brazil. Hence why no system name. He thought i wasn’t listening to him and vicr versa.

I’m actually amazed we worked well enough together until now.

I got very little help suppottive help. Yes i got technical help. Stuff that’s hard to srgue against But everyone else insults a 2 week period where a KY Enterprises “custom” stick for SNES and Genesis, before PS1 and Saturn cane out, which is unusual because NO ONE did that in that day, and read my story at
. Instead of repeatedly typing imy wtory over abd over.

I swear my story is true. Do you think a guy who never won a match sgainsy someone can flip the script and go perfect and win all the time witn a right handed joystick? Do you think it can help 4 of our other friends to the exact dame degree, perfect against the best gamer iin our group?

… Who later turned out ti be an elite all-around gamer in the 00s?

And if I mebtion the famous gamer, would you day i’m trying yo embarrass him or complement him on being a very tough test to pass? Meaning if 5 people went from zeroes to heroes with a right handed stick iis that a good sellimg point, or is it, as most SRKers say, too insignificant?

One that everyone went perfect against that day, one who dominated all of us without iis having tt,

And l in the 00s became a national cable tv video game playet twice. One of those times was champ. And the other time ranked 3/12, with some contraversy about his elimination.

Critics say at the most believeable, it helps native righties in joystick-heavy games like SF2 . And thay’s all I’m claiming . He does beat me in SF4, about a 3:1 ratio.

By the way the produccers of the first show “changed the script” ( at least as much as one could without “pulling a Barry and Enright” ie scripting and have contestants acting out the scripted competition instead of competing. My friend was told they were too boring. Think less IOC and more WWE. )

I’m not sure what kind of support you feel you are entitled to.

Time and time again users of this forum have told you that your idea of the perfect stick is not the same as theirs. They dont share your passion for having the ability to switch from left handed to right handed mid game, nor do they feel the need to own a fightstick for consoles that dont have fighting games. I personally think that your 9 button layout while clever is problematic. But that’s ok, you do you.

I’ve seen users of this forum go out of their way to TEACH you the basics of electronics in order for you to get your project off the ground. This is despite you arguing some of the finer points even though they were clearly over your head.

I’ve seen you turn every topic you touch into an opportunity to schill for your stick even when the topic was originally obviously unrelated.

And yet users still read your long, rambling, repetitive, sometimes incoherent posts and somehow decipher just what it is you need and advise you accordingly. With a few exceptions you have been treated with an excess of patience and respect when I think most communities might treat you as the local lolcow.

You’ve already been given the best advice you can get. Build your stick for you!

Also… I’m dying to see pictures of this thing.


One thing mainstream joystick manufacturers look for is a website full of stories about harassing women in the 90s


Hs ha. The main reason it’s a subpage of was because i dudn’t want to pay for a new websute URL, but if this is giiong to mix, i might as well buy a new name when i save enough money.

as for the issue of harrassment

As far as I could tell, at the time it was not harassment. I was like the desert island choice of many of the women in my school meaning I wasn’t the first choice of boyfriend but if 10 or more ladies were stranded on an island with nothing and had only one guy they all can agree on, their boyfriends/husbands would each be each person’s number 1 vote, but I probably get quite a few 2nd to 5th place votes that would put me ahead the number one in number 2’s.

I was a newcomer at the school, so most girls were already paired up with guys. I literally had ONE pre-puberty minor friendship with only one girl, the neighbor girl, and she was the sister of my primary best friend back then. All the other girls I met was when I was old enough for me to have certain feelings for girls.

As for that one supposed woman who got me arrested, At my trial when the judge asked her if she had any problems with me and she said no. She was clearly blaming her parents for my predicament. She may not have wanted to marry me, but she likes me enough to see me not in jail. If she truly thought i was harming her, that was the best time to get me. But she instead struck against the prosecutors and her parents. She basically said i was railroaded. Not exactly harrassing.

That’s my whole life: close enough for me many flirty memories but far enough to never be kissed.

I don’t know whether it’s better to be hated by most and loved by one, or liked by most but loved by none. I’m sorry but if you’re dealt no pairs in life, your only hope is to go for a straight or flush. (Or hope it’s lowball and biggest loser wins.)

By the way, the whole purpose of the story was to explain how i became doubly isolated. Both in the physicall world by my parents who had a radical change in attitudes about religion since after my high school graduation, and in the virtual world by being in an internet donut hole.
Yes if i have $40 free this month. Let me spend 10 now so i can buy a URL to avoid this confusion.

Better yet… you might wanna take most of that down. It’s fine to have a site dedicated to your pet project but you have reached serious TMI territory. It would probably be best NOT to have your past girl experiences and your opinions of homosexuality floating around on the internet like that.

I would really hate to see you become the next chrischan with that site but it is prime for some serious trolling.

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One of the reasons i’m accused of TMI is because, the more infornation released, the more I’m understood and usually less hated when I fully explain myself. I have LITERALLY NO ONE to socialize with outer than my family . The most meaningful comversations i had with women since 2001 with someone not my family is “here’s my frequent shopper club.” This is literally my only way to reach out for help. When I’m depressed about my bandwidth sitch, i looked up slow internet support group and found nothing on google. I just seem to have problems no one relates to. I’m literally the only site with low bandwidth performance ratings.

And when cyber is just as restricted as personal,
i’m surprised I’m sane enough to stay in this world. How else am i supposed to reach out?

My opinons of homosexuality …


are considered too liberal for my parents. There was nothing hateful about it.

And is pretty simple, Same sex couples can do literally anything a good or bad straight couple can do. There are good examples and bad examples of marriage both ways. Most do mostly things good. None are perfect.

Same sex couple can do, be, or feel, anything the same. … Except one thing as a law of science:
Make a baby without involving a third party.

If there’s an uncotrollable natute of the status, ( i and most people say there is, but mom and dad say they all make a choice, which is mostly, if not 100% false) if it curable, i just hope a terrorist doesn’t get a hold of it and twist it, and makes a weapon which turns people against their conscious will to be gay uncontrollably. If that happens if it’s not cured in a year, human populartion goes down. 50 straight years without a cure and you can kiss hunanity goodbye.

I don’t see what’s so hateful about that… The one possible thing i can see may be people who would sacrifice the whole human race to save the earth, and that humanity is a parasite on earth. I don’t agree with that.

If I’m hateful, please enlighten me on how. Is anything i said a prejudiced assumption ?

I noticed the time i was happiest was when high school. That when i was active with my friends. When i liked many ladies, and many more ladies liked me (but none loved me). Ask anyone in my 1994 high school class. I had the loudest cheer at graduation that year. I had nearly universal appeal. I had no enemies as far as I or my friends know.

Then it all flipped when i moved. I show no hate, but people who don’t know me insult me fir being different. I bring up a glaring rightie problem in fight games.

On other sites i bring up problems. When do you go out of your way to to speak to the manager, when you like the food, or when they mess up? You actions show agreement, ( like becoming recognized as a resaurant regular) your words exoress conflict ( telling the mnager what’s wrong) if you’re polite. Orbif not so polite, use violence.

And why do i share the arrest? Because the woman who i supposedly hurt gave her vote of confidence in me at my low point.

Every time i was in trouble, being open and telling the truth set me free. I know my wirds are public. I’m looking for sone socialization i’m not getting in the real world.

In the next 2 days i’ll take my joystick off my 56ok website and put it on its own website.

As for the TMI, the more you understand my perspective, the better you think of me, that’s usually what most people think if me. It’s freeing and complenentary as a whole, despite parts being be bad.

Sanwa Denshi

First I play with inferior backwards layouts when play with the KY Enterprises joystick, which was drilled for stick left. and I still dominated my friends and my other friends dominated the cocky one.

Assuming he earliest you can easily remember playing a video game was five years old, anyone who’s 30 or younger has probably never seen a right-handed joystick or even question why fight stick are button right stick left. 30-40 year olds probably have a mixed perspective, and the older people probably what are you only ones who got a custom joystick for Street Fighter 2 when it was contemporary.

As soon as I heard the factoid that lefties are banned in Polo I ran into my head for about an hour and found the reason why that’s a practical reason not just some dictator playing Simon Says because he can.

So what is the reason why all joysticks after the crash usually stick left button right, occasionally has a mirrored buttons and almost never stick right button left? If you want to give a better explanation than JAMMA buyers wanting to shorten credits by making controllers harder without touching any dip switches, then I’d like to hear it.

In the old days teachers tried to righten your left-handed ways in handwriting. It’s going backwards to force one joystick dexterity. it’s like the sporting good store always salting left-handed gloves for right throwers and not selling the opposite.

When boxing and baseball found advantages to switching up the hand, that’s when the left-handed sigma became lessened. Even the lineup at the miniature golf course moved quicker when they switched from separate handed clubs to ambidextrous putters.

I’m not saying it’s a possible to use to use stick left,. in fact one arcade game which by default was stick left I got the twin galaxies world record on. I tried it with my right hand joystick when it was available for the 360. And I had so much muscle memory with left stick in that particular game that my right hand stick play was inferior.

If the video game environments were ambidexterous friendly all the time, I wouldn’t need a special stick. I’ve developed a lot of skills by the time I was ten with a right-handed joystick. I could handle a left if that’s what the arcade presented. As for games translated to home is the arcade was left then I usually played right unless I didn’t feel right and then switch to left. Despite the fact they were ambidextrous, some systems, like ColecoVision, are very tiring to hold those old controllers one way for a long time so I just flipped hands at the level change or after a death. Ambidexterity was not a just a luxury it was for Game Survival. Ambidexreity doesn’t mean balance or ergonomics.

As living with the scum for 35 years. I feel I’m one of the few who could relate to those other people. I’m one of the few who mention the tutankham pacland and sidearms exception,. What are the action buttons are directed left and right, most ambidextrous joystick buttons flip them that makes right hand mode have reverse button layout logic problems, even though it’s fine for most games,. And none of those schemes have button swapping.

left-handed pads did not bother me as much because I put them on the ground and use my index and middle finger to press is a cardinal or diagonal and either one or both of two buttons. I had to stop doing that by the Super NES when they took advantage of the shoulder buttons despite the fact I try to avoid them as much as possible.

my brother asked why do i play with my fingers and not thumbs and I told him at the time, “Haven’t you heard the saying ‘you’re all thumbs’ meaning you’re clumsy?”

Epiphany came when I played Street Fighter 2 in Canada on a “Mexican machine” I got way better scores it was WAY better at pulling off specials in Street Fighter 2 than with a traditional Lefty stick, especially Dragon Punches.

you mean I’m not a lolcow. Also I do not force this view other people. I just say it works for me, have examples of how dramatic the shift is, and say it MAY work for you. No guarantees but at least I’m getting people thinking about it.

By the way to be an expert you have to know what you’re talking about. I look foolish if I try to describe the finer points of fighting games like experts,. I have no idea what half these terms are for the expert strategies let alone know how to take advantage of it. I just experienced when I played a Mexican machine that was way better. I know practically it’s a financial commitment to swap. And most of my mini innovations deal with problems I personally deal with by halfway solving the problem. It’s 25 years of experience of trying to ultimately solve the problem.

I have my solution but I don’t have every solution that’s why I’m asking for help. I was directing a guy long distance and how to build this.

And I asked many years of questions because it’s a lot cheaper go back to the drawing board when all you waste is paper and ink and that’s wood and wires and buttons and stuff.

Stage one will be mailed to me by next Monday.


me and stan are undergoing volumtary customer service counseling.

I understood his side of the story. 3 button or 6 button doesn’t matterm. It’s eventually all getting done.

I was under the impression thar pad hacking depends on being familiat witj the pad you’re hacking.

Stan did the 3 button first… Goid for Ms Pac Man, Wheel of Fortune CD, and the Edladdin’s Seagull GEN->7800 adapter. ( 6 button requires holding mode).

Stan did everything he could on the 3 button except yhe voltage wire. First a quick answer, on the 3 button Gebesis controllet, which DB-9 pin and color wire is the voltage wire?

I assume general oadhacking yechmiques ate similarz but you must be familiar with specific padd tobdo it right, and he’s so Genessn’t, he thought the 6 button Genesis pad was a Saturn Pad, all because the word Genesis wasn’t on it. Unferstandable mistake.

He is currently a Saturn guy but was never a Genesis guy.

Also are there visual pad hacking guides to hook up discrete input to Genrsis 6, Genrsis 3. Jaguar, possibly 3DO, also nay i have the voltage pin for the 6 button?

I think i read it was fifferent for 3 button and 6 button.

Meanwhile I’ll google it.