Sega Genesis Arcade Master; possibly a legit HSS-136 Virtua Stick clone?


I was browsing through Fry’s yesterday, when my eyes were graced by the ever-so-familiar shape of the HSS-136 on the front of a box for one of those 200-in-1 Genesis things nobody buys. Intrigued, but also not wanting to look like a shoplifter, I peeked inside the box to find that the dimensions, at least from the side, seemed identical. Now to find out if the panel and bottom plate are up to snuff.

There’s some on Amazon right now for $30, so maybe someone here would like to take a crack at it. I’m gonna order one soon myself; I’ll be sure to take pictures when I get it.


I’d rather buy this ugly thing: Retron 3 NES/SNES/Genesis Triple System - Vector Red: Video Games


You can get a legit HSS-0136 for as low as $18 on eBay. Well, at least that’s what I paid for mine.


the problem with a lot of those hss-0136 auctions, d3v, is that the shipping is fucking killer to the states and most of Europe.
I won my hss-0136 auction for $25, and shipping on the damn thing almost doubled the cost of the stick…


The other problem is that people in the States IMHO over-value the HSS-0136.

The stick in stock shape isn’t that good but quite a people have been trying to sell these things for $100 or more! (It’s a bit like the situation with the Tekken 5 joystick. It really only becomes a high-grade stick AFTER intense modification replacement of the OEM joystick and buttons with Seimitsu or Sanwa parts. Before that, it’s a generic, paler cousin of the HRAP 2 sticks.)

It’s ridiculous… I can see why the HSS-0130 TwinStick goes for what it does but most pre-Dreamcast sticks just aren’t worth high auction prices! In their heyday, most people said the original Virtua Stick was a piece of junk. The second-generation V Stick was Japan-only as was the HSS-0130 and the Virtual-On Twinstick. You had to special-order or reserve one of these from an importer back then. Sega of America was losing a lot of money on the Saturn and their CEO at the time, Bernie Stollar (sp), was a Grade AA idiot and SOA never tried to import the higher-grade controllers and the better Japanese games. (Saturn was probably the best import system to own at the time but the situation on the domestic front was TERRIBLE.) Every time the ‘Idiot’ opened his mouth, he insulted Sega employees and put down the system he should have been trying to sell! Because of him and his bad relations with developers – many of whom liked past Sega product and saw good things in the Saturn console --, a lot of games that were in development for the Saturn for 1998 release got cancelled. There was no point in doing anything with SOA with that loser in charge!

Believe me, to this day saying Stollar in the presence of Sega fans is like invoking the devil! This IS the guy who essentially killed the Sega brand in the US with his mouth…

Still, the fact that we’re seeing repackaging of classic Sega games from a better time is a good sign that there’s a nostalgia crowd for the name… Probably much stronger than nostalgia is for Atari. Maybe great things will come out of Sega again in the future but I doubt we’ll ever see hardware more complicated than a joystick. There’s just no proprietary console in their future.