Sega Lindbergh Arcade Panels. Special pre-order over. Panels now $99.95


Panels are $99.95 powder coated any color you desire. Art cut any way you want it for an additional $12.95. Get on this now because it’s likely the cheapest you will see it.


Add me to the list of those interested.


Done @Truckasaurus


We’re up to 7 people ready to preorder. The more preorders the cheaper they will be. This might be your only chance to get in on these panels as cheap as they will be. A one off will surely be more expensive after this run is made and shipped.


If you preorder by the end of this week the panel will be $89.95 for the powder coated panel alone (your choice of color) or you can add customs art for $12.95. All prices in USD. The preorder is now open at Jasen’s Customs.


Do we have to start preordering this week? Shows $102 in my cart however.


Yes. Special preorder pricing ends this week. It shows $102 because the art is $12.95. Remove the art and it $89.95 @Truckasaurus‌.


MMmmm shit okay, i’ll preorder before the end of this week, thanks for the heads up.


Preorder open this week with special pricing! Get this while you can at rock bottom pricing!


Thanks Wiley. Didn’t even see this get posted… been busy printing, cutting, designing, and shipping!


Panels are still available from Jason’s Customs. Just $99.95!


Wiley… I think I might have something great for everyone who bought one and for future folks :slight_smile: Stay tuned!


The suspense is killing me!

Edit: My wallet is scared doe. LoL.



I do what I can. Hopefully, the surprise won’t be a hit to the wallet!


Guess what’s here! First set of Lindbergh Panels (Vewlix 6 Buttons)! And they were cheaper than I thought! New price $79.95! Did you pre-order? No problems! That credit will be applied to your shipping charges… now where’s that custom art for these guys?!


First blank Sega Panel being made as we speak! Unfortunately, it arrives while I am in Japan next week. Additionally, Lindbergh NOIR panels are now in production! Also coming in while I am in Japan. Last set will be the Asto Layouts. Going to do it so the1P and 2P are the same on both sides (the high arc like the orginal astro 1P).


Lindbergh Panel Template Updated to include the Noir Layout.

It can be found here:

If you pre-ordered please contact me about getting your art over :smiley: