Sega megadrive to usb?

Hi guys, I was wondering what sort of things I would need to make a megadrive controller into USB for use in emulation and such.

I know there are a couple of adapters out there but 1: I don’t want to import and 2: they are over priced.

Would it be possible to maybe pad hack some other controller and link it into that some how?

I do have fighter pads like the 360 one, and the ps2 ones, and I know there are saturn usb controllers available… but those are not sega megadrive controllers.

(be nice if sega made one to go with the new sonic gens game, but it’s not gonna happen!)

You can make a project box out of one of the 360 pads going to a female db15 port. Don’t know the specifics of wiring up a Mega Drive pad to a DB15 cable though, I’m sure it can be done though.

Using this method you can have multiple controllers with DB15 cables that just plug into the 360 project box.

check this site if you can solder there like $17 for the usb kit

You can even hook up a power glove via usb

This is a good article of somebody doing what I had explained on my previous post.

Pull off a gummowned and mod something like a Cthulhu into it.

Bryan also sells a Genesis adapter that doesn’t require soldering. He’s a cool guy. I have a ton of his stuff.

Here’s me doing what Rosser described above with a Saturn pad.

My personal recommendation would be to play real Mega Drive titles on the Mega Drive. I’ve been doing my gaming exclusively on it as of late.

MC Cthulhu + Dremel + retro controller + usb thumb drive + usb hub = GDLK

And with this, I believe I can safely say:


Thanks guys!

There are a lot of Saturn USB pads available.
They are very similar to Megadrive - the only difference is that Saturn has extra trigger button
(L/R trigger buttons instead of one MODE trigger button)

Here is a video about how to fix the buttons on SEGA USB controllers!
[LEFT]Out of the box, the buttons on bootleg controllers are not working properly.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Many people come to conclusion that they are broken and throw them away -[/LEFT]
[LEFT]while they could be easily fixed and become just as good as the official ones![/LEFT]