Sega Naomi Melty Blood Actress Again Cartridge, and other arcade stuff


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Raiden Fighters 2, motherboard and game. Ready to drop into any JAMMA cab with a vertical monitor. [SOLD]


MBAA. The latest version of Melty Blood for the Naomi hardware. Sale would be for the cartridge only. If required I could sell a Japanese H bios chip seperately (required to run this game). $325 (on ebay, pm me to close auction)

Dynamic Golf (Japanese Virtua Golf) panel, gdrom, ic. used, gamer condition. completely functional and includes all the harnesses required for play. All you would need is a naomi gd rom setup and sega i/o. $50

Guilty Gear XX #Reload panel, gdrom, ic. used, gamer condition. This is a 1L5B that has been modified to be a 1L6B. The panel has very slight warping that is not noticeable when placed into a cab. Would ship unpopulated. $90

Capcom vs. SNK 2 $50
Guilty Gear XX #Reload w/ original art set [SOLD]
Guilty Gear XX Slash $50
Major League Baseball $10
Virtua Tennis $35

GDROM setup (gd drive, net dimm, cables) $240 [ON HOLD]

Sun PSU modded with 2 prong power cord. $50

I have 2x 256MB Net/SCSI DIMM board (updated to fw 4.02). These can be used with a GD-ROM drive or network connection by changing a jumper. These can also be used with CF card readers if you want to go that route.
DIMM 1 $160
DIMM 2 $160

Other Misc

System 256 EXCARD PCB $15
Sega 837-13551-92 [JVS I/O Control Board Type 1] $50
SF III 2i USA Security Cart (working batt) $50
CPS3 64MB SIMM (for upgrading an NG to 2i) $10
Sega 002 Looms $60

pics available upon request.


i might be interested in the Astro City panel. any chance of more detailed pics of it’s condition (particularly around the edges)? thanks for any reply =)


pics sent in PM


golf setup still available?


Is the panel still available?


rcaido: yes the golf setup is still available. which parts do you need? I have the panel, gd, and a sega io available. Also I could sell a Sun PSU.

ONE100BILL: which panel? The guilty gear one? I sold that one. I do have other panels available though.


What other panels do you have?


Most of the panels in this album are still available.


How much for the VS City 1 Player panel?


I can do the VS City 1L6B for $40 shipped in the US.