Sega New Astro City VS Konami Windy II

I read on the net the Konami Windy II have one of the best monitor in Candy Cab.

Is this true?

I understand the New Astro City’s monitor may have the “Black Goop” of death problem.

Does the Windy II’s monitor have any known problems?

Which is a better candy cab to own between the New Astro City and the Windy II?

Thanks & kind Regards

You really just have to ask what monitor is the cabinet and research it. A lot of monitors eventually get burned out and need to be swapped so you don’t really know just based on the cabinet. Certain monitors only output in certain frequencies so that’s very important to check. You want a tri sync monitor so you have all frequencies covered. There’s a lot more that I’m forgetting but definitely check the model of monitor.

Thanks for the info STEZO_ONE

My other worry is that the monitor in the new astro city or the windy Ii may have some problems like crack, burn in etc.

is the wei ya monitor comparable to the monitor in the Windy II?

I can buy a new wei ya monitor and swap it with the monitor in the new astro city or the Windy II

I just like to point out some monitors can be repaired with a recap kit.
But I also like to point out Recapping a Monitor is difficult and dangerous work.

Thank you very much for all the info.

It is much appreciated.

what is the meaning of recap kit?

what is the meaning of recapping a monitor?

Recap kit, a preselected group of capacitors or caps for short. Its not necessary to buy a selected kit, you can just buy capacitors you need individually.
Recapping, replacing all the capacitors.
Recapping a monitor, replacing the capacitors with new working capacitors.

Capacitors are used to filter, smooth out or store electricity for a circuit.
Every Capacitor have a capacitance or how much that part can store up electricity to filter and smooth out the flow of electricity in a circuit.
Capacitors can also be used to generate greater voltage than what a device is supplies like in a taser or in this case a monitor. As CRT Monitors are High voltage devices.

Most capacitors contain a electrolytic fluid, as they get old and fail they can leak. This fluid is how the capacitor holds its capacitance. Capacitors can loose its capacitance if they start to wear down with age, they can bulge and even burst.
Similar to batteries Capacitors when they leak, the fluid is highly corrosive, the corrosive fluid can damage near by circuits.

thank you very much for the heavy explanation Darksakul!