Sega New Net City Panel

I just got a quote from Japan for this panel and the total BEFORE shipping was $324 USD. What the hell makes this panel so special compared to the Blast City that I can get for $209 shipped from the same distributor?!

Not a damn thing. As far as I know the only difference is the artwork. Prices for new stuff in the arcade business is insane.

The $324 price includes the joystick(s) and buttons, along with a wiring harness. I’m not sure whether you can order the panel by itself straight from the manufacturer. I know when I was looking for one Sanwa and Excellentcom both refused to sell me one.

Insane collectors also drive up the resell value of these things too. They think because they paid a fortune for something it’s worth more when they resell it.

You can get the official Sega sticker for the panel for $45 USD plus shipping. This distributor also sells a generic raw panel to go with it for, believe it or not, $20 USD. So, $65 plus shipping came to $110 for a Sega New Net City empty panel. But I can’t imagine installing that sticker perfectly is easy.

There is a guy in California named Matsu that sells candy cabs. He may have a used panel that you can buy for very cheap. Search the forums marketplace for his name and you will find several threads about him. He doesn’t post on the forums though, always has a go between.

There also used to be a guy named Richardp on the arcadecontrols forum who made custom panels and sold them ultra cheap.

He was selling them for $25 plus shipping I remember right.

I wish we could track this guy down and buy out his remaining stock.

find him :slight_smile: we could get him alot of business