Sega news: Virtua Fighter 5; no more Dimps for Sammy

First official images for Virtua Fighter 5 (plus After Burner, HOTD4, Virtua Tennis 3):

Also, MMCafe says Dimps (The Rumble Fish) is not going to work with Sammy anymore.

New Afterburner that fucking rocks and VF5 the sequal to the greatest fighting game ever.

Nice, I like how the Lindbergh is packing a Nvidia GPU.

Lindbergh is not powered with Nvidia, nor ATI. Its all NEC PowerVR!

Looks like you didn’t even look at the link, here’s the famitsu scan.

What does it say there? Oh yeah that’s right, Nvidia GPU. :rolleyes:

akira looks sick

Video Power smash and VF5

Wow! I want it now.

Sega showed a clip highlighting the new games for the Lindbergh board at the JAMMA show today featuring House of the Dead 4, Psy-Phi (new fighter), Afterburner, Power Smash 3(tennis) and then

Virtua Fighter 5 - All the characters from Evo are back :clap: plus

2 new characters. :karate:

One of them is a luchador, semblance to Rey Mysterio Jr. The other is an Asian female with very short hair, she’s spinning on the floor.

Info at


Game looks sick as does Power Smash 3, Sega does it again. :karate:

Okay - the big question is will anyone within driving distance play it?

I love VF, but finding other players can be, well, hell.

no Taka :frowning:

but it looks amazing… now I’m waiting for gameplay info

Gogo Rey Mysterio

yeah if sega doesnt release it on console chances are im not gonna be able to play it for a long time


see SEGA still loves us… unlike some other companies (cough… capcom …cough)

Video mirror (i think) havent watched it yet:

Damn I was hoping they would add Ryo and Lan Di as they would fit perfectly in to VF.

Oh well VF5 is looking tight and I can’t wait to play it. Provided it comes out in the states that is.

Yay for Xiaoyu and Rey :clap:

Damn, that video was hot. VF5 holy shit!

Wow, that footage looks amazing. I’m a huge fan of VF, and I can’t wait to play it. I’m hoping it’ll come out on the 360, but I doubt it. If the Lindbergh does indeed have an NVidia GPU, a PS3 conversion is more likely than a 360 conversion. We’ll have to wait and see, but I can’t wait for a home conversion in full HD goodness…