Sega/Sammy Lokes Continue (GGXX#R/, NGBC, KOFXI, SST, HnK)

Continuing with the rotating tests of Sega/Sammy games, this weekend will see another loke. This time, Guilty Gear XX # Reload /:

A.B.A looks so cute i feel like throwing up.

In case you dont remember, the line-up goes like this:

Late July: Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum
Late August: Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden
September: Guilty Gear XX # R /
October: Hokuto no Ken
November: The King of Fighters XI

(Until someone decide to delay something, that is)

I’m sorry… but I want Slash now…


#R/ looks hot. I hope we see that character that was silhouetted last time (that everyone thought was Holy Order Sol).

I’m really looking forward to this and SSTenka. The other 3 all held my attention at one point, but have lost their appeal lately.


I am surprised they are releasing so many fighters so close together, the line up and their pockets would have benefited if they held back or pushed up a few of the games.

I mean seriously SS Tenka isn’t going to get much play with people hounding for the next GG or KOF release or if NGBC is really as good as the game looks like it might be.

Good times for SNK players…good times.

So ABA will be a character in R/? Good, because I never bothered picking up Isuka…

The poster for the game is Holy Sol, so…

I wish I was there. :frowning:

But alas, I am not.

I wonder if Holy Orders Sol has charge GV and GF. =p

Here’s hoping that #RS is gonna be good…

I read the list of changes (again) - it all sounds pretty good on paper, but I think the increased knockback will let us know if the game is going to be shit or the shit. If it’s shit, they can always make #r\o/


I think Arc Systems and Sammy are quickly approaching Bemani - levels of suffix insanity with the Guilty Gear series. I mean, #R/? WTF?! If they make it to Guilty Gear 4 (aka XXX), I want it to be

Guilty Gear XXX %f



They’d call that shit GG Trebor Extra Strong - then the people would know better and shorten it down to GGXXX.

Everything seems good/fine but the knockback thing worries me as well.

Also, they could’ve at least gave each character a new move or replaced one completely.

Giruchi Gia Iguzekusu Shiappu Riroddo Surashi… wow.

How many new charas for this ggxx#0explusalpha game? 1 normal (abba), 1 boss (dog) both from isuka? A whole new game for 2 charas from another game? If they’re going to make a new game it should have at least 4 new playable charas that aren’t bosses… who cares about tweaking GGXX# was all the tweaking they needed!?

In this day and age even the great SF2 wasn’t guilty of such rehash…

What he said. :tup:

Arc Systems should stop with this and work on the next installment.

That’s some really bad romanization there :tup:

If it’s going to be anything, it’s Giruti Gia Iguzekusu Syapu Rirodo Surasyu.


Wow, ABA looks tight !

Other than that, I saw some footage from KOF XI, looks like the global speed is at least KOF2003’s. The backgrounds and the incrustation seemed far better than in NW. As for the rest, it was difficult to conclude (not to mention that it’s by no means a final version)

charlie murphy voice Wrong!