Sega Saturn Arcade Stick conversions?

That’s what I have (not my picture though). It is a really great and study joystick. I was wondering if anybody knows of how I can convert that into a USB connection. I did an XBox controller to USB conversion before and it was easy (solder same colored wires). The joystick is just collecting dust in my closet now and I’d like to put it to good use.

Order a Saturn to PS2 adapter from Keio/Mojochan and then use a PS2 to USB adapter.

Interesting. I wasn’t aware they had Saturn to PS2 adapters. So will that work with Xbox 360?

Oops… double post 19 mins apart.

Yes. I just played MvsC2 on the 360 using the same Saturn controller you posted. I use the blaze cheap ps2 to 360 adapter and Saturn to ps2 adapter.

Is it stock or did you mod buttons and stick?

And that set up doesn’t lag? Using a converter so you can use ANOTHER converter to use the stick?

To OP, I don’t imagine you would be able to converter it without soldering a new pcb compatible with whatever console you are trying to play.

As far as I can tell it doesn’t lag. Read the Keio thread and Reckless old thread if you want more info on the converter and other people’s results. Keio’s (Mojochan) design is based off of Reckless’ design. I have converters from both of them and I don’t notice any lag.

I am not talking about any one converter (most lag but a very small amount) but using a converter WITH another converter seems like a bad idea.

I’m already saying I don’t notice lag using BOTH converters at one time. I’m trying to help PhoKingAwesome out by giving him an example since I physically have the equipment. Why are you trying to refute my claim when I have the converters on hand and have already tested. But that’s OK, your assumption is still valid because you know, you have the converters too, and you did your testing using the same set up…oh wait you said “**seems **like a bad idea”, so I take that as you have no basis.

@PhoKingAwesome, this setup works, there are your options.


I imagine most would consider using MULTIPLE converters would not be such a great idea. You are really defensive, relax, buddy. Would you argue that a better solution would not be just to turn the saturn connection into a native one instead of trying to convert it twice?


Thanks for the replies. It’s stock everything, but still works very well. So the person to message is Keio huh? I messaged Mojo, but maybe (s)he is backed up since I haven’t received a reply yet. I’ll try Keio.

See this thread. Or see His name is Mojochan actually.