Sega Saturn Arcade Stick options?

I’m looking for an arcade stick for the Saturn since I’d like to make a run through the Darksiders series plus some other stuff and was wondering if anyone has suggestions for good options.

I’ve looked at the Sega Virtua Stick, but it seems pretty painful to mod and it’s expensive to get one to boot.

Is there an adapter that would allow me to use my Agetec Dreamcast stick? I’ve seen some going from Saturn to Dreamcast, but there isn’t really any Saturn stick I want to use.

I suppose as a last resort I could use a PS2 converter to Saturn converter, but about the only stick that looks worth using is the HRAP 2, and they’re pretty hard to find.

Does anyone know of any other options?

The HSS-0130 is the $300 answer to your question. It’s a beast.

You won’t be converting from DC to Saturn without modding the stick. You’d need a different PCB. I haven’t tried the ToToTek converters for PS2 to Saturn but I’ve read they work well. You could couple it with a Namco arcade stick.

Do you have a stick now? I believe there’s an MC board that you can hook a Saturn up to… Chthulu?

I read it as he has an Agetec. He can def swap the PCB if he wants to go that route.

I have an Agetec DC stick, but nothing that works with Saturn.

Ohh… derrr…

He can also dual mod it, no?

Oh you mean as in take a Saturn Controller PCB and just wire it into the Agetec stick? Or are there Saturn PCB’s out there that you can use to replace the one inside the Agetec?

There no DC to Saturn converter, You going have to mod the Agetec if you want to use it on the Saturn.

I suggest a MC Cthulhu PCB. Board modding on the Agetec isn’t hard. Hard mods for the Agetec is getting 30 mm buttons and a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick in there

Yeah, I’ve actually got a Sanwa modded Agetec and an unmodded Agetec. Are the Cthulu PCB’s compatible with SS? Or would I still need a converter if I went that route?

Also looks like those Cthulu boards are out of stock pretty much everywhere.

It’s very compatible, no converter. You will need a way to wire it up though. Most popular route is to go RJ45 off the MC into a Saturn cable. You can make it yourself, or easier, find someone on the trading post that sells them.

Also: if you ever need a Toodles board, the best source is Toodles himself.

Thanks, I’m going to see on the trading forum if anyone has an HRAP 2 lying around, and if that doesn’t work, I might try this.

You should just dual mod to a model 1 Sega Saturn PCB. I would also buy 2 more buttons for L and R on saturn and drill them on the side.

How to dual mod.

For the saturn PCB the hard part will be finding the spot where voltage is. You will need a multimeter to do a continuity test for where pin #1 connects to what wire off the saturn PCB. You will need to solder a wire there or to a point that is connected to voltage.
Taken from the RJ-45 tutorial

Edit: Actually just use this diagram for the saturn pad. You can clip off the left and right sides of the pcb.

Also, optional. You can use solderless wire splices to tap the signals from the Agetec. This can save you from some tricky soldering on the Agetec board.

Dual modding with an actual Saturn controller is the cheapest method. You can obtain a controller for about $20 on ebay, whereas a MC Cthulhu runs about $35 and you’ll still need to buy a Saturn controller extension cable to splice with the RJ45 in order to connect it to the console.

I know this is not the trader but I have an extra ToToTek Ps1/2 converters that I got from ebay they work great. it even has a first party sega cord not those cheap cords with plastic ends I will take a pic if interest I only really need one since I have toodles magic in my other sticks

also I noticed you’re in DC I’m in VA so it would only take a min to get it in the post

I’ll keep that in mind if my WTB post for an HRAP2 works out. Otherwise, I might be going the custom stick route and just using a cable with multiple outputs for the consoles I have.

also since your close I can hack first party ps2 pcb if you need one

other than using a Chthulu a ps2 pcb is the best route there is a convertor for every system all decently cheap and no lag

Get Sega Saturn Virtua Stick HSS-0136.
Either all models, or 2nd revision, come stock with Seimitsu LS-56-01 and PS-15 buttons.

Or Hori Fighting Stick SS, though that’s probably all-Hori parts.

Hey Rooster, do you still have that Tototek converter for sale? Send me a PM if you do.