Sega Saturn controller PC/PS3(bootlegs?)

Picked this off shmups forum, bought one myself though it won’t turn up for a week or so, link below if anyone else want’s to try one. Almost certainly a bootleg with the pricetag.

Uh… hate to say it…
but I don’t think the controller pictured is even the one you get.
Says there’s rumble, slow mo and analog/digital on the controller… none of which are present on a real Sega controller nor on the “bootleg” controller pictured.

Let us know when you get it asap though.

… I just bought one that looks exactly like that off V4MPIRO… I hope mine isn’t a knock off…

I noticed that, he already has 4 positive feedbacks from other buyers on the controller so I was willing to take the risk.

I don’t think rumble motors would even fit in such a thing, would they?

Also, if you look at the platform it says it’s for the Dreamcast.

Any Pics of it…

Is this it? I kinda want to buy it for shits and giggles

Another listing said that it also works with Sega Genesis. This must be the greatest controller evar!!

just bought one as well, Will report when it comes in.

“Original Design, works like the official controllers, but without the higher cost.”

AKA, bootleg.

I think I saw a picture of that somewhere on here earlier this week, maybe in the “show your entertainment setup” thread or something. I’ll try and find the picture so we can ask the dude to ask him how it works.

I remember like 8-10 years ago I bought a white sega saturn controller from a local import shop. The material of the overall controller felt different like the outside casing and the d-pad. Also the cord was about a foot shorter than the current white sega controller than came with my saturn. Also the color of the connector port was different too. Overall I never had problems with it. It could have been a bootleg.

Anyway saw some of saturn usb controllers go for under dollars on ebay. I’ll probably pick one up.

i ordered one as well. i asked the seller if he could send me an e-mail when he ships the controller out, and he responded that he would.

while i am a little weary about sellers from china, i think you can’t really go wrong with this one (even if it turns out to be a bootleg).

Description is really messed up. I think it only works with the PC.

All the other systems are just used as keywords to get hits.

I prob pick one up…

I just bought one for the heck of it. From looking at the seller’s feedback the price of them are going up so if you are thinking about it I’d probably just get it while the price is what it is.

Ok i got a reply back from the seller. I asked what systems it will work with and if the Playstation 3 was one of them.

I believe that all usb HID controllers if they use a standard form will work on the ps3 for all ps3 titles. the official saturn usb controller works on the ps3 fine for stuff like tekken:DR

They might actually be legit and they just don’t know? I bought a pair of gray one’s from NCSX years ago and like 8bithack says, they do work with the PS3.

I asked the seller, “Where’s the mode button and analog sticks as listed in the description” and he replied…

What’s the Button Mapping for the PS3

When you use it on the PS3 what button is for the PS Button