Sega Saturn Emulator question (TOTALY 100% legal)

Ok, so I own a Sega Saturn, which sadly took it’s last breath about a month ago, and I still want to play some of my games, namely Virtual-On, and MegaMan 8. I am using SSF Ver.09 Beta, and no matter what I try, I get disc not compatible errors on the Saturn menu. I am using back-ups of my games, because my actual discs are in a box somewhere, and I don’t want to hunt them down. Any tips on what I can do? I tried the latest release of SSF and I got some kind of audio error every time, and it won’t load.

You can hire some sort of little person on smart animal to hunt them down for you

hunt those discs down or download/rip them and mount with daemon tools maybe? i never used a saturn emulator but i’ve used some dreamcast ones