Sega Saturn Pad Cleaning


I have a Ps2 Sega Saturn pad, wich the directional buttons are becoming a little loose. The directionals started to get stuck, and i opened the pad to clean it up. Its kind of ok for now, but i was wondering if there’s anything else i could do.


buy an original saturn pad, and replace the rubber padding with the worn out one from the ps2. assuming of course, that the insides are the same.

Yeh… that come to mind…

BTW, the official 15th aniversary pads are so shitty, that even the rubbers don’t match (they’re too high, i tryed it, as much as you trimm them it just don’t work).

But after i replace them, is there any maintainance that i can do, so that they don’t get fuck up after 6 months of playing?

Found a solution! For those who have a crappy street fighter anniversary pad, now is the time to give it a good use (finally).

The directional rubbers on it, are too high for the ps2 saturn pad. Not even the side buttons rubbers work (2 small). The solution is on the 6 button rubbers.

The only trick, is to add some strong glue, so that the rubbers don’t get away from its place. Remember to give it a day or two, so that i can dry solid rock. Don’t worry about damaging the pastics, use some soft sandpaper, and clean the glue left overs.

The pad is working 100%, just like new. Here’s some pictures:

short question, how good/bad are those anniversary pads? (for gaming, not spareparts ;))

The pads on them are generally considered sub-par.

They are so good, that i used it as spare parts… any clue?

tnx, but the situation has cleared, just got 2 saturn pads.