Sega saturn pad for xbox + headset?

I am trying to get a sega saturn pad to play with my xbox for xbox live. I know I could get a magicbox and connect an original sega saturn controller, but then I can’t talk on xbox live. I consider talking on xbox live essential since I’ve met some cool people there.

Then I found the x-connection, which has support for the headset and can allow you to play ps2 controllers on xbox. I could then buy one of those sega saturn for ps2 controllers (if I can find a place that isn’t sold out).

So, does anyone know if the x-connection works with the sega saturn ps2 pad? Or know a place to buy the sega saturn ps2 pad that isn’t sold out? Thanks.

I guess finding the ps2 sega saturn pads is pretty hard. Is there a sega saturn pad for xbox?

Or does anyone know where to acquire a magic box? I could buy an original sega saturn pad then and play, I guess I could just use the mic between rounds.

Unfortunately I have to wait a month or so until I get the money for an arcade stick.