Sega Saturn ram cart question


Used search and didn’t come across any answers.

I’m looking to build a saturn collection and wanted to know what fighters required the 4meg ram cart, mainly buying off ebay so I need to be sure. Looking to buy Alpha 2 right now but any help or list for the fighters that require the ram cart would be greatly appreciated.


Street Fighter Zero 3(Alpha)

Marvel Super Hereos - but it seems to slow the game down more, don’t know why…

X-men vs Street Fighter

Marvel Super Hereos vs Street Fighter - good luck finding this tho’

The KOF games - all you really need are the 1meg carts but I’m thinking the 4meg will be fine. The one I had was both 1meg and 4meg.

Vampire Savior

Metal Slug games - could be wrong here tho’


marvel vs sf is a harder to find game but it’s relatively cheap online. 20 bux.


There was a megaman box set that came with the cart too, wasn’t there? I might also be wrong on that, but I seem to recall seeing it when these items were still new in stores. Alpha 2 does not require the RAM cart…and if I can make a recommendation, get the Street Fighter Collection (w/ Turbo, ST and A2). :slight_smile:

:edit: Okay, the memories started flooding back, and that little place in my heart where the memories of arcade perfect saturn ports reside has been piqued. I did some searching, and came across mshvsf on estarland, which I recall searching back in the day, hoping they would get in this or that import, that might or might not have even existed (all based on rumor).

I also came across a mvc review which mentioned a saturn port. I would assume that one would require the 4 meg cart also, but couldn’t find definite verification.

:edit edit: Didn’t super gem fighter (mini mix or somesuch) require the ram cart also? I’ve got it at home…I’ll check when I get off work tonight.


Thanks for all the help, I’ll reference this. You guys have any recommended saturn games? I just won a copy of Guardian Heroes and am bidding on a copy of Dragon Force. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Fighters Megamix and VF2.

Oh how I miss the music from VF2… :sad:


Well, you already have guardian heros…

Dragon Force
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Panzer Dragoon Saga <-- Good Luck
Xmen vs Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
Daytona USA CE
Nights into Dreams
Dark Saviour
Albert Odyssey
Darius Gaiden
Night Warriors
Shining Force 3
Shining the Holy Ark
Street Fighter Alpha
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter Collection
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Ultimate MK3
Fighers Megamix
Virtua Fighter Remix
Virtua Fighter 2


Nah I don’t need any luck getting Panzer Dragoon Saga, just about $150 bucks lol. I was going to buy it now off ebay but I keep hearing the game is too easy. Don’t want to blow 150 on a 30hour game that isnt challenging. I really need to pick up the Dark Stalkers games tho.


I hope you know your going to need either a japanese saturn or a switched one. There is no way to use the 4mb RAM cart while using an import cart, as you use up the slot.

Make sure every game you buy has the spine card and insert with it, unless you only want them as gamer copys. From the collectors point of view your games are dubbed practicaly worthless unles you have these two usless items with them.

Be expected to pay a lot for zero 3, the price has rose conciderably, even though the whole saturn market was expected to drop. I got mine for $80, now your looking over $100 and thats for an average conditioned one.

Mshvsf is easy to find, probably one of the easiest out of the whole lot. MSH and xmvsf are one of the hardest to find imo, I still haven’t picked msh up.

The Rockman X4 box set doesn’t include a ram cart(although it supports it if you want to). It’s a LE containing a figure and art etc. Very very rare to find.

Kof games only need a 1mb ram anywhere over 96. 95 uses a rom cart containing stages and sounds on it. All the others need ram. I think ms needs 4mb, although it might only be 1mb. Either way you’ll have a 4mb if your playing fighters anyway so that wouldn’t really matter. The kof games suck on the saturn, honestly. The graphics are ok, but the sound is horible. The loading times are a discrace too. No one wants a 5-8 second loading screen in between rounds, I wouldn’t bother.

Games to get/look out for:

xmvsf(4 mb)
fighting vipers
virtua fighter 2
fighters megamix
house of the dead
last bronx(get jap version, contains training mode)
radient silvergun$$$
panzer dragoon zwei 2
panzer dragoon saga$$
rockman X4
rockman 10th aniversary colection(seperate games)
psychic killer taromaru$$$$$(posibly the rarest game on the saturn. You’ll only see this game mabes once a year and hitting the $400 mark)
metal slug(1/4mb)
sonic jam(best quality sonic compilation out)
waku waku 7$$$(4mb)
twinkle star sprites$$$(4mb?)
astra superstars$$$(4mb)
nights into dreams+3D/analog controler
christmas nights(cheap but rare LE)
etit 2:
sega touring car
super puzle fighter 2 turbo
pocket fighter
daytona usa cce
virtua cop 1+2
steep slope sliders
sonic r
virual on
sfa2 gold(includes cammy)

I can’t really think of any others right now. Now we talk about this I really need to bulk up my collection.


Do you recommend the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night?


Edited the above. I’ll keep updating the list as I think of more. I will, lol.

Put it this way. If you concider a console game the ps is the way to go. Any game that was designed on arcade hardware, GO SATURN.

Saturn owns. :tup:


symphony of the night is great. I heard there’s 2 secret sections to the castle for you to play with and other secret weapons (not sure about the weapons bit). While you’re at it get samurai showdown 4. And if you’re into jap games, go get princess crown (not sure if they have it on the PS), super robot wars F (the loading are times are WAAAY betta than stupid PS) that’s all i can think of ^^"


Oh hell yes, the Sega Saturn. Here’s everything you need to know:

4-Meg Ram Cart Games:

Street Fighter Zero 3
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
Vampire Savior
Pocket Fighter
Dungeons and Dragons Collection

1-Meg Ram Cart Games:

Marvel Super Heroes
Metal Slug
All KOF and SS games*

*except for KOF 95, which uses a Rom cart specifically built for that game.

Heres some advice on starting your collection. I recomend you buy all imports, and here’s why: Japanese games are oh so much cheaper than their American counterparts. Instruction booklets/packaging/Cd art is SOOOOO much nicer it’s not even funny. Most games, besides RPG’s, don’t contain much Japanese anyway.

Games you MUST OWN (that are relatively affordable):
Virtua Fighter 2
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei
Burning Rangers
Guardian Heroes (Japanese version is cheap)
Strikers 1945 II
Panzer Dragoon RPG (Japanese version of Saga, and is cheap - only if you’ve played through Saga before or have a translation handy)
Shining the Holy Ark
Sega Rally Championship
Virtua Cop 1 and 2

Games you MUST OWN (that are insanely rare/expensive)
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Radiant Silvergun
SougoukouRentai (shit something like that…a shooter)
Princess Crown
Shining Force III

I’m leaving alot of stuff out, I’ll update the list later.


That’s a pretty nice deal right there.



I so much want psychic killer taromaru, astra super stars and radient silvergun, but every time I see them I’ve never got the money to pay for them.

Way over priced. Taromaru goes for $300-400, I’ll never own it.


I certainly don’t support piracy or anything like that, and I hate to take money away from the horrible eBay trolls, who charge $150 for a game that cost them $40, if that…but, you can play “backup” copies of Sega Saturn games if you have a modded Saturn. You can also play them if you do a swap trick, but it requires you to take the lid off of your Saturn, and if you do it wrong you could fuck up the CD motor.

You should, of course, only play backups of games that you actually own. I think this goes without saying.

And, you’re of course better off getting a RAM cart that lets you play games from any region, like one of these:


world heroes 2 perfect!

The white Ram Cart I got is a 1m-4mb cart. It wont work with SFA3 or KOF97 :frowning:

at least it wont for me, no results from anyone else yet.


Thanks for that link TS, I’ll be ordering my RAM cart from there.


I have the Sega Satelitte 4 in 1 card, and while I can play Xmvssf, I can’t play MshvsSf… its totally makes no sense.


The type I had was a black cart called the Ultra Madness something-something. Got it from gamecave before they closed down for like $12…worked great, though the only RAM-supported game I had was SFZ3.

I haven’t bought anything from Jandaman, but that’s where I was planning on getting a RAM cart at. I haven’t heard anything bad about them, though.