Sega Saturn Stick Question



I bought this stick recently and it seems to get “stuck” so my characters keep walking left or right. I have to center the stick after certain combos. Anyway, is this a common issue you guys have noticed or did I just happen to get a not so great sale on ebay? :confused:

Thanks for your help!


Which one did you get dude? There are a TON of sticks made for the Saturn ranging from crappy to still top end by current standards.

There is also a chance it might just have some worn out parts after over 20 years of possible use.


Hahah. I totally forgot to put that info. Sorry! The model is the HSS-0136


Thanks for the pic bro!

Okay knowing this, i’m gonna guess it’s the fact the joystick is 20+ years old.

If you like the joystick and how it feels you could probably just get away with replacing the microswitches, if modern ones fit, chances are the switches are more the issue than the joystick itself.

if i were you i’d buy a new joystick and just wire it in. However I am not sure which models will drop right in place, I have always meant to get one just like you have but never have done it yet… so be mindful of mounting holes.


Replacing the joystick switches should be fine, the HSS-0136 ether uses a Seimitsu Joystick or later ones used a clone of the joystick. So standard Joystick Microswitches are used.
Seimitsu PS-15 buttons can easily replace the buttons inside, but you might have some very minor filing of the panel to do to make them fit.


Thanks so much, guys! I’ll look into that stuff.


depending on what version you have, if the stick is an ls-56 it’ll look like this:

If thats the case theres a few options.
the microswitches are a attached to a pcb board. so to replaced one, you’d have to de-solder the busted one,
and drop in the new one, connecting the necessary wires to the microswitch (this is because as far as i can tell theres no where you can get a 56 microswitch that isnt a fastener type end)

and here comes the next point. Theres nowhere to get JUST an LS-56 microswitch assembly. you can get switches alone but only fastener type (as mentioned). so when it comes to just dropping in a replacement with no soldering or wiring whatsoever, the best bet would be to get an LS-56 joystick (from a fine shop like Paradise Arcade or Focus Attack) with the Microswitch PCB and using the rest of the spare joystick for replacement parts. (tho i will go ahead and say, the LS-56’s in the HSS-0136’s have a short shaft you cant find anywhere else so no need replacing that)

NOW if the joystick isnt an ls-56, and has a different kind of assembly it may be easier but it would also involve crimping and possible soldering.