Sega Saturn Virtua Stick


So I am wondering if this stick is any good. Ive done research on the forums and all I see are the pro models and a different sticks that dont look similar at all. So I am just wondering about this stick.

I might get one for modding and possibly a dual mod.


I have 2 of this in the way to be mod for gamecube/wii. In there is a big pcb for the button easy to mod, and for the stick it’s 4 contact connect with wire. For information I buy this on France (in live in France) for above 15$.


I want to know more about this stick as well. I’m considering buying two of them very soon and I want to know what the stock parts are like. Has anyone modded one of these before?


I bought one a few years ago and was tremendously disappointed in the quality of the hardware. I never opened it up to see about replacing parts, but as stock I simply can’t recommend it to anyone.


I had tried one, I didn’t like it. Felt like rubber contact buttons, which was very annoying.

Also, the L and R buttons annoy me. They almost tried for a cool 6 button layout, but then added those things down there to sometimes get in the way.


Agreed. This is not a good stick for modding. The internals are crazy. Get the HSS-0136 over this.


if you have money get hss-0130
if you want 2x not too pricey sticks get 2x HSS-0136


I agree with the other people about the Saturn Virtua Stick. It’s crap and not worth the mod.

Get the HSS-0130 dual stick, OR (much more affordable) the Japanese V2 Virtua Stick HSS-0136.

The -0136 actually resembles an HRAP in cab shape. Buttons are a different configuration. The L and R buttons are at diagonals to the other 6 buttons if I remember correctly.

HSS-0136 shows up a lot on e-Bay. My advice… don’t pay over $40-$50 if you can avoid it. Some guys were trying to sell them for over $100 – and they weren’t even located in Asia!

The HSS-0136 can be modded with better parts with some difficulty but should be a much better stick than that el-cheapo built Virtua Stick you have pictured. I stayed the hell away from that thing when it was brand-new!

The ONLY Saturn OR Dreamcast stick that should be selling for over $100 is the HSS-0130 dual stick. They’re very limited production, highly desirable for some good reasons. (Look at threads about the HSS-0136 to see what I mean.) Everything else is ridiculously overpriced much above $60-$70 in all honesty. The collector’s market just isn’t that good for most Saturn/Dreamcast hardware in spite of some excellent pieces. I still have both systems and intend on keeping them for the forseeable future!


Well I don’t have a lot of money and I want to get a hold of a sturdy SS stick at an affordable cost. The HSS-0136 would be ideal but isn’t available at a good price right now so i’m looking for an easy alternative. If it’s not worth modding then i’ll just hold out until the HSS-0136 is available.


Hori Fighting Stick SS is a solid Saturn stick worth looking into.


I had an Ascii Fighting Stick SS AND the Hori Fight Stick SS.

Frankly, I thought the Ascii stick was more comfortable. It came down to the buttons. Joysticks felt the same on both cases despite the different handle styles. The Ascii buttons were just more comfortable than Hori’s were for extended use. The Hori SS buttons were just awful and punished my fingers quite a bit. After having played on both the Mad Catz TE and the HRAP 2/3 SA’s, I can honestly say the Ascii didn’t feel that bad. HOWEVER, I got ambitious at one point in modding and basically lobotomized my Saturn sticks(!). Not a proud moment for me. At least I recycled my Saturn connector cords for RJ-45 mods and was able to sell my Hori SS stick case to another SRK member…

Honestly, neither of these sticks is worth modding. Their interior space is cramped and you have to do a bit of plastic cutting to fit in better parts where you can… People have modded the Hori SS with 30mm buttons (had to widen the existing button holes to fit 30mm arcade buttons) but again you’re looking at something that probably will have minimal wire clearance for QD’s if you can even use them within the stick body. I don’t see how you could mod the Ascii stick for new buttons since even its action buttons are smaller than 24mm Sanwa’s/Seimitsu’s! The PCB’s might be good for a new Saturn stick project but that’s kind of redundant if you’re looking to do a multi-console stick. The MC Cthulu (now with Saturn AND Dreamcast support) with RJ-45 passthrough makes more sense for multi-consoles.

The HSS-0136 is probably the best choice of the vintage Saturn sticks unless you save up at least $300 for the HSS-0130 or plan on a trip to Japan to search for it! The HSS-0136 does occasionally show up on SRK Trading Outlet and e-Bay for a reasonable price (something below $70 for that stick, IMHO). Although the HSS-0136 looks like an HRAP astrocade-style cab it’s actually a bit smaller than the HRAP. I’ve read comments that it’s kind of cramped interior-wise, too.

I saw a lot of very good joysticks go for cheap this past summer. I was broke, too, at the time and couldn’t bid on them. A lot of them sold for less than $30 bid! That included vanilla HRAP 2’s, Agetecs, and probably a few HSS-0130’s. Not everybody is crazy and tries to sell an HSS-0130 for over $100… There are a couple of people on SRK that have even managed to buy an HSS-0136 for less than $200 in the past year…