Sega Saturn Virtua Stick

I got the brand new Virtua Stick (MK-80112; American version) in the mail today from eBay for $24.95.

I read that many users in this forum said that the MK-80112, MK-80302 and the HSS-0104 always stop working despite that it was made by Sega.

So therefore, I have to open up the Virtua Stick, separate the cord from the PCB, buy the Cthulhu PCB from FocusAttack sometimes this year, along with the joystick, buttons, wirings, etc., de-solder the wires from the white connector ( RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2 )…

Are you sure the PCB is the component most susceptible to failure, or worth replacing at all?

I’d also question putting a Cthulhu in a stick which costs less than it. Are you set on that layout or form factor?

Not a year or two ago these sticks were going for ~$12 NIB. They have never been sought after, as far as I know.

I don’t recommend using the casing from the Virtua Stick, since the buttons are possibly smaller than the 24mm and 30mm buttons.

I recommend making your own joystick case. I want to make mine with the button layout similar to the HSS-0136.

Whoa, are you replying to yourself? I’m not quite sure how to follow your reply, but I can tell you that the buttons are membrane-based (not microswitch-based) and of a nonstandard diameter. This model of the Virtua Stick is best left alone. Making something like the HSS-0136, however, could be perfect.


Don’t waste your time on these sticks.

This is one of the worst sticks you can ever find, and I seen my fair share of nasty POS sticks.

If you want a actual HSS-0136, get a real HSS-0136 or made a custom case with the same layout.
Actually scratch that, the actual HSS-0136 is a pain to mod.

I assume that he and his friend made it using Cthulhu PCB and the cord from either the dead large Saturn Controller (MK-80100) or a dead Virtua Stick that I said in the very first post.

Instead of buying the HSS-0136, I’m gonna do the DIY route.

I still would not bother with the stick.