Sega Seimitsu Style Panel, Hori Fighting Stick PS, Teac Mini HiFi,


De-cluttering the house and I’m letting go of this piece.

Never used and originally it was stainless steel finished, but I wanted it white like a traditional Sega style panel. I never got around to painting it white, just etch primed ATM. If you want to finish painting, I personally recommend Rustoleum Professional series paint. Anyway, $55 shipped.

So much potential

Toodles AxisDapter - SOLD

TEAC AG-H380 Mini HiFi Stereo $200 Shipped
I’m the original owner of this mini Teac hi fi stereo component. I originally purchased it for use for a desktop gaming sound system, but now I’m parting with it. Mint condition with original box, remote and manual.

Fighting Stick PS $60 shipped in the States
NO scratches on top panel (that’s a cat hair between the stick and LP button). Comes with original box with original Babbages retail price sticker. I’ve personally never gamed on it, but I did test it .

More to come…


What are the dimensions on that panel?


Are the buttons a typical Naomi layout? Or is it something Astro / Blast?


24" 3/4 X 5" 1/16

I’d tell the metric dimensions if i could find that ruler.


Never knew there was a difference.


You don’t need 3 different threads to sell 3 things. 1 thread to sell everything.


Ok. Fixed.


He may be referring to Sanwa panels, Sanwa has a different button layout for Player2 side. What you have is seimitsu astro city 2L12B layout, the P2 side has buttons going straight, instead of down like P1. :slight_smile:


Updates due to new item.


pm sent.


PM Sent.