Sega Stick Appreciation Thread!

So I never did complete what I posted here back in Feb of 2018.

As a refresher, this is what the last casing I did looked like for the longest time:

Casing was coated in Plasti-Dip, which made it really weirdly textured (and peeling).
Panel, as mentioned above, was a weird repro with a non-standard layout (Astro P1 on both sides, and spacing was different between stuff too).

Finally completed this stick.

  • stripped the Plasti-Dip from the MDF casing and painted it gloss white MDF
  • Jasenscustoms repro 2L12B Sega control panel
  • codecrank repro Blast City overlay
  • kept the Hori Hayabusa levers, shaft covers, dust covers
  • Sanwa balltops and OBSF-30 (both green and pink)
  • 2x Sanwa OBSF-24 (yellow) for the start buttons
  • 4x Seimitsu PS-14-DN for the top buttons
  • 2x Switchcraft RJ-45 pass-through
  • 2x MC Cthulhu




Inside sans PCB (the MC Cthulhus are wired with 20-pin headers):

PCB unit is modular and mounted on an ABS panel that just slides out for convenient swapping:

I don’t expect to swap PCBs often; my NOU-2001 Sega Sticks has the dual Hori FC4 PCBs in there, so that one is my “Modern stick”, which this one with the MC Cthulhus is my “Retro stick”. I do have one set of PCB units to swap in that’s a WIP, just because I have the PCBs sitting around.

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And the family is back together again… sort of for the first time!

I had lent the single-player/Versus-City stick to my wife’s sister shortly after I had completed it (mid 2015). I just recently built her her own stick, so I finally got this one back. Might update it (redo the paint-job, add in a few additional aux button-holes, swap the PCBs), but it’ll be a low-priority project. Maybe even remove the Versus-City art; it’s not my favorite and I’ve had some custom art that I’ve put together for it since late 2015 (but never got it printed or anything).


Ordered on 9/4, released on 12/17, in my grubby hands on 12/23, thank you !

Beautiful box art!






…and YES I did open it!

Pretty much an VSHG in white. PC/PS3/PS4/Switch support test results to come.

…and further proof of my SEGA stick love :heart_eyes:


Finally managed to get my hands on a VSHG a couple of weeks ago and have this evening stripped it down to clean it. The sticks previous owner obviously wasn’t a fan of keeping their kit clean :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but i got it for a good price so not going to complain as despite a few minor issues (read on) it is in pretty good used condition.

There are some marks on the bottom plate where there is some corrosion and inexplicably there is one solitary spot on the inside of the plate where it has pitted very badly. The M4 coach bolts are also corroded on the underside of the head and onto the top threads, clearly something was spilled on the top in the past (or someone with particular corrosive sweat used it for a while).

So my question is what is the best way to clean the steel plates and prevent them rusting further and what is the best way to do the same for the coach bolts?

ANd one last question is the link between the control board and the daughter board actually connecotors? If so what type. They look like pin headers but i’ll be damned if I can get them to come off, I use pliers and reasonable force that should ordinarily remove a pin header but they just wont budge and I don’t want to damage them really.

Thanks for any help from those who know about modding these sticks.

I’ve asked two people in-personal already…