SEGA Swag shirt, where to get it?


Anyone know which online store I can get that Sega Swag Shirt and other cool shirts like that? Flash Metroid wore it in the EVO finals and I’ve seen Mike Ross wear the black one in one of the Cross Counter vids. I’d prefer the black one.

Oh, I got a pic



I hear you can get it at the salty runback exposed free curly mustache store.


Nah it’s not available at the salty runback exposed free curly mustache store. The only sell noob tears, loser salt and flung arcade sticks.


You can get the shirt here:


I’d buy one but I’m afraid soulja boy might own one aswell


The Shirt was created by my personal Friend Orlando Suber who lives in the Central Florida Area. As Wil pointed out the store is If you like the shirt definitely support him and order from that website. When I first wore the shirt during CEO 2011 Day one, many websites stole the idea almost immediately and started posting it up on different sites, so yeah go to the originator’s website to order :).

You can follow him on He’s working on more ideas and shirts down the pipeline.




Don’t get the imitation folks!


If you let Soulja Boy ruin a perfectly good T-shirt for you, the terrorists win. Patronize Orlando and pals at Class Clowns. They’re worth it.


someone wore a black and white one on the summer jam 5 stream over the weekend


i think that was dnyce, they had a black/grey version at ceo im sure they’ll have one on the site soon


I really want the black one…hope it releases soon!


necro bump, did the ccc guy disappear, 'cause its been on “backorder” for a very long time.


Where can I find a shirt that just says SEGA on it?