SEGA teases Shenmue HD release


Now I don’t know how many Shenmue fans we have here at SRK but I know we have some and I’m a huge Shenmue fan so as soon as I noticed this, I knew I had to post about it…
Also I think this is very critical because of the recent statements made by Suzuki-san at TGS when he said that SEGA will probably let him make it and that he really wants to make it, plus the inclusion of Ryo in SEGA All Star Racing…basically the recent months have seen a stream of news concerning a gauge of interest for Shenmue and I think this is the ultimate survey so I’m hyped about this.


Thoughts? Thoughts on the possibilities of this giving SEGA the green light to develop SIII?

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OST is still godlike, even the Fighters Megamix remix of the boss ending a.k.a. Shenhua’s theme. The style is still the best since it’s not sci-fi and the characters aren’t “XtReMez” or “In YoUr FaCe, KEWL!!!111”. However, from a gameplay prespective this is probably my least favorite Yu Suzuki game, and I feel doesn’t hold the test of time.

I would love to see the story finished as a CG movie with the same exact sense of design the game has.

*Prepares Flame Armor"

EDIT: Lan Di will always be the realest villian.



Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.


I don’t know how I feel about a Shenmue or Skies of Arcadia HD. I loved how long the games were back in 2000, but I don’t think I have the time for running through the streets of Yokosuka and 1-2 minute long random battles with a sky-high encounter rate these days.


The two games haven’t really aged well. And I always hated Ryo (the other characters were cool though). I don’t really care unless this leads to a Shenmue game that finishes the story.

Anyone think AM2 dropped the ball with Shenmue by not making it a Virtua Fighter epic (like Shenmue’s codename, VF RPG)? Shenmue should have starred Akira and Pai, Lau etc. Sort of like how the new Ninja Gaiden ties into Dead or Alive.

EDIT: Agreed that Shenmue’s music is incredible.


Why do they have to be just straight ports? The way I see it a massive amount of random battles is just a number value that needs to be changed. This is a perfect opportunity to fix minor issues with the games as well as give them an HD update.

Anyways, even if a Shenmue 3 does eventually come of this, I just don’t see it being the same without Yu Suzuki around.


So when do I fight Lan Di


More excited for Skies of Arcadia HD than Shenmue honestly, such an underrated RPG. Both Dreamcast classics, hopefully an HD version of Shenmue fixes the awful voice audio that is moreso apparent now that VO is pretty much required than when I originally played it many moons ago and it was more of a rarity. Not talking about quality of VA either, the audio itself just sounds bad.


Hope that they tune up the game’s textures as well for the HD update rather than just upscale it, a lot of the texturing in the game would look really muddy if all they did was tune it up to 1080p and in the end it wouldn’t do the game’s visuals justice, that being said the game looks fucking amazing considering it came out in 1999 and unlike most other games from the time period it actually holds up quite well today from a visual standpoint.

As for the gameplay for the most part just leave it as it is, but allow people to choose if they want the game’s days to go by at a faster pace or not considering one of the flaws of the game to some people was it’s slow pacing.

For audio 5.1 surround sound is a given for this game and if they do that much I’ll be happy, if they go even further I’ll be astounded.
As for voice acting…
…Keep it in, it’s fucking amazing but give us the choice to choose the Japanese audio as well.

As for Skies of Arcadia, unfortunately I never actually played it but a lot of people say that it’s really damn good (except for the obligatory horrible water segment) so I think it’s cool that it could be getting getting a HD release but I’ll let someone else talk about what it should include.


Every Shenmue news is awesome news to me!!!


I’m still gonna buy Shenmue HD regardless!!!
And I agree with Red Vega, Sega maybe looking at the sales to determine if Shenmue 3 is worth it.

EDIT: I love the English VA and get goosebumps listening to old clips on youtube. Though using JP VA or something for new players maybe wiser.


My money is already on the counter waiting…let’s go Sega!



Shenmue was one of my fav games when i was younger,that clip swedish posted brought back so many memories!I really do pray for a pt 3


Shenmue with better loading times would be a huge improvement.




I’d get Shenmue 2 as well, I feel it will give new players a better opinion on the series.

EDIT: If any of you didn’t get to play the duck race in Shenmue 2 I highly recommend you giving it another playthrough.


I had trouble finding the 3… whatever it was in Shenmue 2 so I never got very far T_T


If only they added random encounters that would lead to battles depending on how you talk you way through a conversation. The fighting system was highly under used.

If they make Shenmue 3, it is only natural that the Yakuza team make it and also make Shenmue more 3d brawler based this time around.


Shenmue 3…possible? Ok, I need to sit down…

Well, let me say this saga really changed my life (shifted my interests when I was a kid, pushed me to study Asian languages and cultures and take a degree about them, traveling there, etc.), so my opinion is really biased. Here on I just wanna say that also fighting game lovers should try out this saga for the philosophy in it. It represents the story of a martial artist on his quest and inner growth. It’s a very deep saga, full of meaning and messages…besides this, it shows many aspects of the real martial arts world from which most fighting games took inspiration.

Ok ok, enough, I need to calm down :smiley:


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I’m more interested in Skies HD than Shenmue, to be honest. All they really have to do with Skies is eliminate random encounters.