Sega Virtua Stick HSS-0136 Help

Ok my virtua sticks have finally died. I loved these sticks the were converted for PS3 and are the best sticks for VF5 ever.(IMO) I have already replaced the buttons, but I am having some trouble with the joysticks. Any help anyone can provide will be appreciated.

maybe the PCB went bad.

Checked that PCBs are fine, the buttons were very worn. Joystick is the same, it needs to be replaced. I just need to know if anyone has ever done this?, and if so what type of stick were they able to replace it with? I am pissed because VF5 is coming to xbox360 next week and my vf sticks are down. Thanks for the suggestion ed.

I am also curious about this. Also, are the buttons on the 2P model the same as the 1P model of Virtua Stick? I am curious about whether Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons will fit

You must remove the laminate to access screws.

alot of people in this thread modded that stick.

they looked to have installed sanwa jlf series sticks in them with some heavy modding done. the actual stock stick in it looks like a an old seimitsu ls56-01 clone so that may work with little modding.

^Thanks akuma, and jdd I used sanwa snapin 30mm you just need to widen the button holes a little. I just went 2 full rotations with a round sanding bit and a dremel tool worked great.

Thanks for the response Stargalaqtic.

Do any of you mod these or know anyone who does? I am thinking about having mine modded.

^Contact paik4life he did a couple.

Quick help for anyone who wants to mod these and still have the beautiful virtua stick art.

  1. I put the panel in scolding hot water for about 20 min. Slowly pealed off the art and immediately put it in the middle of a thick book with a 10 pound weight on top of the book. I was able to rub off the left over material on the panel and access the screws and everything I need to put in a new joystick.

  2. To get the panel looking good again, before you reapply the art paint the bare panel with 2 thin layers of black paint.

That’s good info, as I have heard from a lot of people that there is basically no way to save the art. I don’t mind as I would rather have a plexi top with art. Also, thanks again, I have sent Paik a PM