Sega vs. Nintendo...anime? What?


There was a manga about this? Gonna track this down.


I thought this was Segagagagaga part 2 or something. :lol:


Aww,I was hoping this was gonna be one of those NamcoxCapcom style crossover things. I leave disappointed.


I’ll stick with Hyperdimension Neptuna for my fictionalize console wars


I think the manga is new, too. I can’t find it anywhere. Anyway, this is just bizarre, but I want to see it.

So apparently the above characters are based on the following (left to right from the top):


Gia = Sonic
Opul = Opa-Opa (Fantasy Zone)
Neru = Nei (Phantasy Star 2)
Tejilof = Tetris
Ramses = Columns
Marcse = Mario
Greece = Luigi
Zeric = Link (Zelda series)
Carvai = Kirby
Fare =Fire Emblem
Masa = Mother (aka Earthbound)
Saroid = Samus (Metroid)
Pirika = Pikachu (Pokemon)
Fosta = Fox (Starfox)


Luigi looks boss as fuck.


3 chapters until Nintendo cease and desist AKA Nintendon’t.

Opul looks like she was drawn by the Fairy Tail mangaka.


Carvai based on Kirby?

Patiently waits for Carvai doujins


I guess it would be vore.


Where’s Shinobi and a rep from SoR!?


It’s not new, but nobody has bothered translating it. The artist is Carmine who has done a fuckton of doujin (Crimson.) I don’t think the series is finished yet.


Would’ve been cooler if it was the actual mascots acting out a sort of dramatic play.

Nintendo is indeed a hideous tyrant. Ganbatte, [S]Sonic[/S] Gia.


You’re telling me they seriously had to dig as deep as Tetris and Columns for inspiration for Sega characters? Shit man. Axis - baron of burning knuckles, where you at? Battla - ax wielding barbarian king? Altari - the beast master? Eco - princess with a connection to the ocean and sea creatures? Yukiri - hot-blooded fighter with a strict moral code. Those are just off the top of my head.


[S]Tetris[/S] Tejilof will likely betray them… (remembering it on gameboy)


Masa looks like a trap, PLEASE BE A TRAP! Also, no Joe Musashi or Tyris Flare counterparts? Weak.


will they seek the help of nearby NEC-O kingdom or the overseas Commodorium Empire?


Maybe this isn’t a complete list. The way I see it Sega’s only got 4 reps and is severely outnumbered… even if Tetris (wtf?) is somehow on the Sega side (why?)


Can’t remember the last time I watched an anime, but Fantasy Zone and Sega Tetris sounds like the guys behind this know their 16-bit history, maybe I’ll make an exception this one time.

The series finale will be sad when the menacing Sub-Orbital Nuclear Incinerator (inspired by Segua’s own cutting-edge Virtual Fire technology, the evil scientists recently admitted) decimates the Segua stronghold and makes the Ninteldo empire its bitch.


This shit cray


I’m glad this is coming out because there is such a stigma about writing erotic smashbros fan fiction.
Its like your some criminal deviant for describing a middle aged plumber who forcibly mounts a small, yellow animal like a horse to shock his testicles into orgasm while a space faring bounty hunter fists his anus with her powerful and phallic arm cannon
You just know there is going to be a hot bathing scene, or tentacle monster plant to work with.