Sega VSHG / Virtua Stick High Grade revision question?

I’m thinking of looking for one of these after I get my tax refund but can anyone clear up the recall thing for me or anyone who is looking for one of these?
So I am to understand that this is a glitchy VSHG:

Not sure what the stamp should be aside from “m” but it looks like there’s a “s” on the right of the sticker.

Regardless, this is the revised stick that I should be looking for then?

I almost forgot about the huge problem this stick had before the revisions fixed in it. Also one related question, I prefer my sticks very heavy. I’ve heard that the TE stick was really heavy, does the VSHG come close to the TE stick?

The VSHG is heavier than a TE.

The VSHG feels more sturdy than a T.E. I’ve got both sticks and a HRAP and the VSHG has overall the best build quality.

I installed a Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB in my VSHG and it works great on PS3, PC, and 360. :slight_smile:

My VSHG doesn’t even have a stamp.

They’re both problematic, the revision never solved the three input problems.

VSHG has superior build quality, there’s no questioning that. But sadly Sega truly screwed up when they made the PCB.

So do what has been suggested above - get a Datel ArcadePro and put that PCB into the High Grade. A cheap solution to have a stick that works on both 360 & PS3 through a single USB cable.

I have several PS2 dualshock controllers laying around, is it gonna be hard to replace the one in the VSHG with the PS2 PCB? If it requires soldering, might be a problem since I haven’t done it since high school.

How easy was it to install ?

The VSHG outer shell is pure metal … It should be much sturdier than the TE stick. TE stick is nice, I have one. But the plastic is not the best. I have a namco stick also and I think even the plastic on t hat is heavier and more scratch resistant than the TE paltic.

VSHG + a new PCB and you’re laughing.

^Speaks the truth.
Don’t get me started…

I *had *a Madcatz TE and after a accident when modding it, I tossed the shell in the trash and never looked back. The TE’s plastic case is truly cheap when compared with ANY retail stick you can think of and I do mean ANY. So many folks are busy drinking Markman and Madcatz’s kool-aide, they’re blind to the TE’s shitty build of materials. Even it’s top panels fasteners are prone to rusting. I can’t believe Madcatz went so cheap and used, painted mild steel fasteners where gamers would perspire and cause accelerated corrosion. If I had my way, the next revision of the TE would have better fit and finish including, stainless or plated fasteners, no scratch prone plexi and a sturdier more simpler case construction. The hell with Madcatz and every non-revised “revision” of the TE they release.

On topic:
My ‘S’ and ‘M’ revision VSHG also have trouble registering 3-button moves on occasion.

Really? I guess it a case by case basis. I bought a brand new VSHG of the trading forum and had it modded by gummowned with a Madcatz pcb controller. He also configured the buttons so I dont have to go to the menu and fucking alter the buttons EVERY SINGLE TIME @ a tourney. He made the xbox360 the default sys so on PS3 i hold start.

I absolutely agree that this is the best built stock stick. Wish they would have gone ahead and made a “Rd2” on these joints.

I’ve got an S revision and didn’t notice the input problem till I started playing storm a while back in mvc2 (f+lk+hp come out maybe 50% of the time). Once I figured that out I started looking back at some old footage of mine and sure enough I could see all the missed/dropped/fucked up inputs on my end. It’s one of those things you probably wont notice at first but when you do boy does it suck knowing you were playing handicapped.

Good to hear, anyone from Hong Kong? My mother is heading there in a week and instead of blowing a maximum of 8,500 yen + 6,000 yen for EMS service, I’d rather get it cheaper by having someone there trying to find it cheaper, if I can save half the amount, I wouldn’t mind waiting 2 - 3 weeks for it.

In anycase, if I do decide to grab one, my SE stick will be up for grabs for anyone in Toronto. The decal has been changed to a Ryu/Ken/Akuma sticker and it has a red top Sanwa stick in it(can’t remember the model but it’s the standard one everyone gets).

I will be using the stick exclusively for SFIV/SSFIV so hopefully if there aren’t any problems, it will save me the trouble of worrying how to solder my PS1 DS controller’s PCB into it…

Well, damn. Now I know why I sometimes can’t get my EX-whatevers in 3rd Strike!