SEGA's Yakuza series thread. Is Haruka gonna have to Komaki Parry a street punk?

Ryu ga Gotoku: Of the end (or as I like to call it- Yakuza: Apocalypse, feel free to use it SEGA!) TGS 2010 Trailer, featuring Dancing Majima Goro!

You didn’t have to do all the substories, but you do get exp to help level up. Also some of the substories kind of act as a tour guide, so you know you way around tyhe zone.

I think Yakuza 3 sold better than 2, so it would make sense to bring it out over here as long as they can make money on it.

these games are so wack when compared to the GTA series. Im surprised Japanese developers havent been able to make an equivalent answer to GTA.

Comparing this game to GTA is pretty stupid since it doesn’t have a lot of resemblance to it. The Yakuza series are more or less successors to the Shenmue series, or a sister series if you will.
I see Yakuza as a beat’em-up with RPG elements. …and it does it well to an extent.

@dayday- Oh I know I don’t need to do them but the EXP and Yen they offer really help. Speaking of which, this game has the best Hard mode I’ve played in a video game yet; most games’ Hard mode just has you take a lot of damage while enemies take longer to be killed. In Yakuza 3 (at least), you are given enough stuff to make battles less harder. Granted enemies have longer life but they can still be defeated so long as you know when to attack. Speaking of which, that’s prob. my main gripe with Y3’s Hard mode; bosses take a long time to beat due to their high defense/HP, though as look back at it, it’s a minor gripe, since some boss battles can be finished within 5 mins.


Yep, Yakuza 3 is nothing like GTA. The only thing they have in common is that you’re in a sandbox, though in Yakuza 3 there’s a lot more things you can do because the game has a lot more substance, whereas in GTA all you end up doing after finishing the main story is…driving around.

Also Yakuza series can let you learn about Japanese culture, even if it’s a little.
Though I dunno if meeting hookers in a McDonald’s and Baskin Robins is remotely possible if you go to Japan >_>;

I’m sorry Yakuza has way more substance and depth than GTA series. I completely stopped playing that series after San Andreas. I just grew out of it and once I played the first Yakuza game, i’ve never looked back. I think a majority of people in the US are missing out on a real good game that is better than what GTA has offered recently.

Relevant video: [media=youtube]B5EW6fq07_c[/media]

BTW, The lack of some substories in Yakuza 3’s Eng. ver. is no big deal, in fact some fan reaction is just stupid over-exaggeration.
You wanna play Shogi and Mahjong? Go find a FREE online site to play them. Hell even if they were in the game I’d prob. won’t bother to play them (I didn’t bother with the gambling games overall through my recent playthrough…and I STILL don’t know how to play fucking Koi Koi)
I don’t really care about the Hostess Club TBH, but the gals pretty much served their purpose what with getting EXP and Yen after you do their substories.

The Quiz game would’ve been nice, but I don’t feel like I’m missing much with it’s removal @_@

The Substories in the game are more than enough as it is in the Eng. version, what with some taking a while to complete. In fact most Substories involve you beating people up for a quick EXP and Yen gain along with the initial EXP and Yen reward from doing that substory.

[spoiler=] The way Kiriyu reacted when Rikiya died caught me off guard. Every other death(especially Fuma), he was pretty calm. I guess he’s just a different man now. I was also pretty pissed that Rikiya died.[/details]

I love the Yakuza series, and I would agree that it doesn’t really resemble GTA like some people think it does. I’ve only beaten part 1 (2 came out while I was away), but am tempted to jump right in to Yakuza 3. I really want Yakuza 4 to be localized, and with the sales being better than 2 I think it’s a good sign.

You have got 3 replies all stating the same thing. But damn I need to repeat it lol, Yakuza in general has no “theft of cars” I can tell you don’t know what Yakuza is by this statement. If anything Yakuza is a JRPG with a Dynamite Cop fight system, very similar to Shenmue. IMHO GTA sucks and will never attract me…

Trust me, I’ve spent 100+ hours playing the game to accomplish this and I feel the removal of the sidequests,hostess bar,history x and Shogi do not harm it. Can’t wait for Yakuza 4!

^How did u catch the Tuna? I haven’t caught a single fish yet =_=
BTW when I recently beat the game, I managed to do 50-60 substories; how would I access the remaining ones?

yakuza gameplay and content > gta

gta4 game world physics and mechanics >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> yakuza

Hmm maybe we should stop with the GTA and Yakuza comparisons guys, let’s just talk about the series and ponder on Yakuza 4’s release.

I wanna get yakuza but I think im gonna start with 4, since 3 is and kinda feels like a 2 years old game, the demo was really fun though (better than the majority of games out there)

I remember a trailer for 4 making it look like theres some sort of multiplayer mode, does anyone know if yakuza 4 has a multiplayer mode or any plan of a download?

oh i always thought the yakuza series was supposed to be the Japanese GTA.

Anyways the demo for Yakuza 3 was pretty terrible. I could see the japanese version being good but they dont do a good job of localizing the game to North America at all.

the demo was terrible? but I thought the game mechanics was fun, is the full game a completely different game?

Umm the localization of the game was pretty well done. At any rate you shouldn’t judge a game by it’s demo. Give the game a rent and play it. If you only do the main game without doing substories, it’d take you maybe 10 or so hours (maybe less). If you do some substories, it’d take 30+ hours to beat. @_@

well I’ll wait for a reduction on the price and pick it up, that way I wont have to wait as long as you guys for yakuza 4 :rofl: