SEGA's Yakuza series thread. Is Haruka gonna have to Komaki Parry a street punk?


Yakuza 6 Main story gameplay…

Yakuza 6 Side mission Gameplay…


I wanna say big yikes to the final boss theme remix, and to the Goda fight difference in detail


Goda: “Fuck that shit. I’m fight this nigga Kiryu NOW!”

Ryuji Goda is one of favorite Yakuza villains. Mine is a very close second.

I am really trying to keep myself from watching anything related to Yakuza Kiwami 2… the problem is that it is a remake of a part of the series that I absolutely enjoyed. OG Yakuza 2 is damn near the “Crash Bandicoot 2” of the franchise; so many things fixed from the first game, plus a bit more longevity in the story and in the game play.


Double post.


Hokuto Ga Gotoku trailer…


Hokuto ga Gotoku - gameplay
[*] 21:34 to 01:24:31


I spent most of my Christmas break playing Zero. Running the real estate portion felt like a job, it also fucked up my sleep schedule and so my first day of this spring semester I had no sleep going in. Anyone like me that the sub stories/mini games can be too much that at some point, you just have to say fuck it and move on with the main story? I had to do this with damn near every yakuza game. Right now I’m back in the game with Majima and I think besides farming on mr. Shakedown I ain’t going to mess around with what ever time consuming side shit his part of the game has. I still have the next game on deck.


I actually liked the businesses in 0 because you could really speed up your upgrading. Kiryu’s is good cause you can do other stuff at the same time, and Majima’s is good cause it’s just actually a fun little mini game. As for side quests, just gotta pace yourself. Do a few then make yourself move on. And just do a few at each chance you get rather than all of em.

I also never touch mahjong, shogi, or any of those types of side games. bowling and pool are way simpler so I’ll do those sometimes if it’s a part of a quest or something.

But yeah, I also finished 0 recently and totally fucking loved it. The last gauntlet is sooooo good


The time investment/effort with some business/substory/mini game stuffs is pretty real, especially if you take a look at the Completion List objectives.

Business is kinda necessary because it helps to upgrade further into Style stuffs for both Kiryu/Majima.
Majima’s business stuffs is hella work; even Item Search for gear takes time to develop (good) stuff.

Substories are YMMV.
I like them for entertainment, but there is that tendency to do/find all that you can do at some point in time that it can detract from the main story stuffs.

Mini games are the worst because there is so much you can do, lol.
Achieving some of the those Completion List metrics is work, though.

I have 100% for my Completion List and I worked on that as I went through the main story, lol.


Plus, you have Jo Amon(and also So Amon from Kiryu’s perspective) to worry for the bonus bosses if you do complete all of the substories which offer a very hype boss battle… and a cool ass theme song. Unfortunately, I’ve only fought Jo Amon recently on Kiwami on the second playthrough.


Wait what, there’s another boss? How do you fight him?


He shows up when you clear all sidequests. it’s like a “super boss”.


Does that mean all substories or does that include shit like mahjong?


just the substories


Every other Yakuza game is a fucking letdown if you started with Yakuza 0.


Kinda hard not to agree with that but the karate school minigame in Y4 is my fav mini game by far, plus once your students are fully trained they start showing up in the Colosseum boppin niggas.


If I had to rank them I’d go:

  1. Y0
  2. Y4
  3. Y5
  4. Y2
  5. Y3
  6. Y1
  7. Dead Souls

Might push up Y2 a bit depending on how good Kiwami 2 is.
But man, when you got no nostalgia attached to the old games because you didn’t play them when they were new, they’re a fucking chore to play especially Y1 and aside from Y0 the writing is so fucking shitty in all of those games.

In Y0 I was actually surprised that the writers didn’t try to insult my intelligence while in all the other games the dumb writing took me out of the story at times.
Especially the fucking retarded shit they did in every game except 0 where they beat up a bad guy, then let him lie on the ground without disarming or tying him up, so he can grab a gun and shoot an important character while those assholes casually discuss some stupid shit.

The minigames really feel dated in Y1-Y3 and damn once you go 60fps the other games look so choppy that I really wish we wouldn’t have to bear with that shit in Y6 as well.

Still even the worst games in the series except for Dead Souls are definitely worth playing and a lot of fun.

And fuck Y4 made me wish they had killed off Kiryu in Y3 already. That motherfucker pisses on everybody’s parade in Y4. His boring ass is top 2 of the most uninteresting characters in that game only beaten by Tanimura who starts out halfway interesting, then turns out to be the most boring cunt in that game’s cast.
Yet Kiryu gets the spotlight at the end for no fucking reason at all.


Have you played Kiwami? Seems pretty different from 1 overall, though I’m guessing the story is the same. I can say I like the combat balance in Kiwami more than 0, though I feel like Beast style was nerfed just a tad too much. Good thing is the enemies are way better. Random guys will pull knives/pistols more often and bosses are actually challenging early on even. Plus I feel like the game does a much better job making it feel like all styles are necessary at some point.

The minigames are mostly returning from Y0 with some balance changes, but no business is kinda a bummer. I actually really liked those


Yeah I played Kiwami. Combat is good in that one except for how shitty Dragon style is for 95% of the game.
But yeah Kiwami is cool because it’s cheap and basically is a little expansion to Y0, but since the story is the same as Y1 (which sucked) except for the newly added Nishikiyama scenes (which are awesome), I don’t even consider it a real entry.

I’m kinda jaded on the minigames because I platinumed Y0, Kiwami and Y3. I really can’t give a fuck about those anymore, except darts, golf and bowling.


I didn’t really like most of the bosses in Kiwami. They felt rather poorly designed and not very fun to fight. Fighting randoms on the street and Majima was way more satisfying.