SEGA's Yakuza series thread. Is Haruka gonna have to Komaki Parry a street punk?


The western release of Judgment will feature both English and Japanese voice-overs. The English voice cast includes Greg Chun as protagonist Takayuki Yagami and Joe Zieja as Issei Hoshino. Other supporting actors include Crispin Freeman, Matthew Mercer, Cherami Leigh, Yuri Lowenthal, James Hong, Ed O’Ross, Amy Walker, Matt Yang King, Fred Tatasciore, and Brian McNamara, with guest appearances by SungWon Cho, Cristina Vee, Max Mittelman, and more.


Extra nice to see this game get an English dub as well…


Judgment battle stuffs

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Well now. Yes you may insert this into my veins as of right now.

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…coming 2/19/19.



(WTF is up with this forum)



New judgement trailer…

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Judgement preview from IGN…

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Cool but no news on PS4 Yakuza 3 ?


Sega will wait to announce the Y3 US release when Shenmue 3 is about to drop I imagine. Crazy that it’ll be a year since it’s release in Japan last year.

I wonder if Sega is waiting until the release of the Y5 remaster to announce them as a collection for territories not Japan.


Judgement features vid…stay hyped!

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Just read the news, goddamn it. It’ll be awhile for Judgement if ever


Looks like Judgement is still coming out in June…


Cool it’s not getting delayed. Crazy it’s because a professional entertainer failed a pee test for drugs.