Sei bu combos and set ups!

Right I just started learning SA3 yang but I aint seen cooperation 2 footage yet but i belive that has lots of seibu yangs and no one will bother to translate me these nearly 50% damage seibu combos from arcadia magazine so anyone who knows the commands for these combos or anything off coop 2 for Seibu post it here plz or any other seibu combos anyone has, it will be much appreiciated thankyou.

asked a few people also! Wilson have you got the cooperation cup 2 yet?

Should have it in next week or so my mates copying it me onto a couple of CDs.

Okay, I have been using Sei bu for a while now so I guess I will discuss on what I do when I want to setup to hit this shit down.

90% of the time when I set up the super I aim to do the unblockable. This involves knocking the opponent down and then initiating the super and doing a cross over dive kick with on the other side when he gets up. The knock down moves that give I use that give enough time to start up the super and cross over the opponent when they are down are:
Neutral throw, anywhere on the screen.
Back throw into a corner.
Slashes into a corner.
mp, hp, b-hp chain into the corner.

now after the unblockable I generally do one of two combo options:, and then jump again. You cannot mash the after for it to combo, it has to be timed.
or,, hard slashes, then if you are quick enough you do two hk dive kicks and the second should cross over again for another unblockable… the result is a really damaging combo. I will check out the damage data tonight on DC for the exact numbers.

If the unblockable is fucked up or you are on the DC and the person knows how to properly block the “unblockable” there are the options to make the person block the weak slashes until the super has ended. They can’t do anything because weak slashes combo into each other and there is no gap in between if you time it right that is… Even if they red parry they have to parry three slashes and by that time you are doing more slashes so they basically have no options/power for the duration of the super. You can also setup a mix up down and up game with the UOH and They combo into each other so once you land an UOH combo away.

There are some situations when the person gets away from you when you are in Sei bu mode. You always have the option to be aggressive and try to rush with dive kicks towards them. There is also the defensive option of sitting there and doing c.hp. This basically puts up a wall and it’s very hard for the other opponent to hit you cleanly while you do this. This beats almost all the moves in the game and trades with some other ones. Do a c.hp and take a step back and do it again, this is even better.

For combos.
weak slashes combos easy.,, hard slash, weak slash, lk, mk, hk into hard slash X 3.
… umm yeah that’s about all I ever do that are big.

In general whenever you use the Seibu the only time you should ever initiate the super is while the other person is knocked down because while the super is starting up the opponent can do anything to you and you can’t do shit.

so that’s what YOU do…

So Sei Bu is only really affective when the opponent is knocked down and cornered?

And I’m having trouble executing the combo on the shitty Dreamcast pad… so I can’t really try this for myself quite yet.
Could you perhaps do:, xx qcf+hp, qcf+lp,,,, qcf+hp, qcf+lp, qcb+hp


Yeah that’s the same combo I posted before, well almost the same.

You gotta be like super close to land it though so unless i’m going for the kill I don’t really do it. The timing between the weak slash and needs a little practice but after that everything flows pretty easily. You can also ignore the and just do the slashes after, that’s a little easier

The reason why it’s not really good to do the super unless the person is knocked down is because they can retaliate really easily against you when you are starting up the super. It doesn’t have to be in the corner but really the only knock down move that gives you enough time to start the super and attempt the cross over that isn’t in the corner is the neutral grab. Everything else knocks the person too far away or the person can get up too fast such as the c.rh. I believe it might be worth while to do the super after the 3 slashes but I think it’s pretty hard to do the unblockable when they get up because it’s either they quickstand and have enough time get away or they are just too far away to do it consistantly.

who should i use the Seiei enbu against? i usually use it against shotos (except sean), Remy, and sometimes urien or hugo.

So is rx7_infini3’s combo practical or what? I’ve been dying to find a fucking seiei enbu combo for yang but none of the motherfuckers in the yang threads even listed one. All they did was state how to set them up and shit and when asked about how to do one they would go “um…i think mantis slash with c.lps work…not sure though…but the japanese would know…”

Fuck come on people spread the fucking seiei knowledge!:mad: