Seiei enbu comboszzzz ...( newbie)



i have problem chaining this stuff … how to do a simple 20-30 hits ???


Simple, fairly damaging combo you can do without too much effort:
start with a low strong or universal overhead when they’re in the corner, and combo with fierce slash, jab slash (meaning qcf+fierce, then qcf+jab), link a low strong, then repeat. Works on standing opponents easily enough so that your timing doesn’t need to be that good. It will require a little bit of practice, though. The trick is not to do the low strong too early, that is, hitting the button too early. I mean, obviously too late won’t combo, but that too early thing was my problem when I was just learning the super.


can you link tiger-palm and rolling kick …

air juggles with seiei enbu ?? ???

i did chain tiger-palm as a final blow , i was mashing the buttons , a 6 hit super art finish …


im pretty sure u can clap people and it combo plus it does stupid blockstun u can also jump after them,mk dive and land ringht next to them after it. the “un” blockable is still the best bet i think though, unless u an hit the 40-50% slash combos consistantly


try some of teh JAY-BEE OKIE-DOKE:

corner: SAIII ACTIVATE, d+hk, dp+mk (dash), TIGERPALM, sj df+lk (empty), hcb+k (flip-over throw)… SAIII is all about confidence!


i want some various chains …and links… rather then seeing slashes …


Can’t do too much without slashes, since they’re the only things that get you closer. You can link crouching strong to and from slashes, that’s the easiest thing to do, and you can put the short, forward, roundhouse chain in between slashes also, but this has to be timed. In the case of standing characters, you need to walk forward for an instant after the slashes before doing the chain, or else it’ll push you too far back for the slashes afterwards to connect.


is this your B&B SAIII? cuz i just do reset combos and rushdown until the meter is gone…what do you recomend? BTW how can i get the SAIII vids from TEAMCONTROL?


To get the vids, just go to our site, and in multimedia you’ll find them. You can’t download the old ones, but the most recent eleven videos are still available. We’ve been having bandwidth problems so we’ll be putting videos on bittorrent instead. Ugh.

As for seiei enbu, this low strong stuff is generally what I do against standing shotos, and some characters like dudley. Against crouching characters, I use more variety and either end the combo with a command throw, or some unnecessarily stylish knockdown. If you can keep the combo going into a last volley of slashes after the meter ends, the damage isn’t too bad on them. In situations with makoto, crouching dudley, hugo, or alex, the hitboxes seem to be huge so you can do lots of stuff and still continue the combo.

A lot of the time, I’ll try to go for the crossup semi-unblockable, with a low strong, low forward, slashes, and repeat. It takes about half life, a little less, certainly more than the continuous combo.

The problem with resets is that there’s always a chance they’ll block perfectly, or worse, dragon punch you or something and then you’ll have traded places. Even if a couple of your shadows hit them, you’re still knocked down, and they’re still going to rush you down. During a continuous combo, every bit of damage you get in during that time is guaranteed, so keep that in mind. I’ve played a couple people who just do the dp motion at random intervals so that if you screw up or try to command throw, you will get hit. Plus, as long as you’re throwing out those c.strongs and hit with like one slash combo you have the meter again.

So, my first recommendation is attempting the crossup. That has the largest damage payoff, but be careful if the character has a good dp or super charged. I recommend the full combos in second order if you want to be safer with the damage, and possibly please the crowd. Resets and rush down generally don’t work for me, because in my experience they’ll either start blocking and stop the damage or reverse you. But, I mean, if you can make this work, by all means.


I just do:

Knockdown (strong-fierce-palm, slashes, throw, whatever) xx SA3
Divekick crossup, low strong, low roundhouse

Works nearly all the time, if they get cute and try to block it properly add a UOH or toward+mk after the dive kick. Keep your thinking cap screwed on tight, open a box, make up a snack. You’ll pop 'em open once or twice, and that’s all you’ll need.



i hope we can have Seiei enbu vids …
i just find that is hard to links the slashes …
is it jab-slash or strong-slash ?
i tried to do double slash resets …slash-x2 …hold slashx2 …like that …or slashx2 hold c.forward XXslashx2 hold c.forward …

it can link tiger palm
and rising-kick launch higher …

seiei enbu can be link after standing-forward ??


i still say that the combo is the best just because its the closest to damage payoff at full garantee
the crossup "un"blockable still very usefull, and the clap into SJ is always there for big stun and damage