Seiei-Enbu: Options, Loops, and Resets

So, Seiei-Enbu is a complex enough beast that it probably needs its own topic. This topic serves to condense all that information and discussion concerning Yang’s super.

How Seiei-Enbu Functions (Shadows’ Behavior, Etc)

[details=Spoiler]Yang creates two shadows behind him. They copy his moves. The first shadow hits 10 frames after Yang, and the second shadow hits 20 frames after Yang. Yang’s normal attacks maintain the same properties regardless of whether it’s Yang or his shadow attacking (with very slight exceptions with cl.hp and

Shadows do approximately a quarter of the damage that Yang does. Shadows can be blocked high or low (which means Seiei-Enbu cannot create unblockable set-ups). Shadows do not cause stun. Shadow Level 3 Focus Attacks are blockable, and shadow throws won’t connect. Shadows also do not appear to have an effect on damage scaling, but I (personally) cannot confirm or deny that one way or the other.

Yang’s super lasts for 430 frames. So, it lasts roughly 7 and 1/6 seconds.[/details]

Moves that Cancel into Seiei-Enbu


[]MP, HP, B+HP target combo
]Any hit of any strength rekka
[]MP palm
]HP palm
[*]The first hit of any strength rolling kick

Mid-Screen Loops


[*]s.hp xx lk command dash [x N]



[*], dash [x N]

Hopefully we can compile all the loops and what-not in this topic.

Are you sure Rekkas cancel into super ?

That’s what the frame data says.

I’ve seen Nemo link 2 down strongs (MP) after activating the super.
How are you able to do that?

Im sticking to the Nemo loop of

cr. mp, dash

cr lk, cr mp, dash [xN]

cr lk, cr. hk

Might be character specific. Fat characters like Gief.

kensou has a pretty nasty alternate loop for the reset

I can not do it at all

maybe its my execution

From a (very short) testing in Training Mode, you can end that combo with at least Ultra 2,[S] possibly Ultra 1[/S] (Ultra 1 whiffs), like so:

s.hp xx lk command dash [x N] xx c.hp xx U2

I don’t know how many times the s.hp xx lk command dash loop is possible before the Ultra, also whether or not it’s a viable option, damage wise. Further testing or opinions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: From further testing, a full s.hp xx lk command dash [x N] loop (didn’t count how many times it actually was) does 281 damage on Ryu.

s.hp xx lk command dash xx c.hp xx U2 does 428 damage.

[s.hp xx lk command dash] x2 xx c.hp xx U2 does 427, only slightly less.

Rekkas cannot super cancel.

you can just link ultra after the command dash, works for both, very very easy to do and the timing is really leniant

also I guess it’s good to point out you can just do seiei-enbu and cancel straight into u2 or u1 with mp palm, depending on spacing you can take a step before either and it’ll connect if it’s not at the tip of the palm(unless it’s U2, it’s tracking will connect 100% off mp palm-SE-straight ultra)

not saying this is ideal for damage, but it’s nice to know you can just raw ultra off a SE cancel if you want to just finish the match or don’t trust your spacing on a loop

and one more edit:

you can do light rekka during a close seiei enbu to carry from 3/4 screen to the other corner, it’s pretty handy if you’re about 1/2 screen and want to get them in the corner for an untechable knockdown.

input looks something like x normal-mp palm-SE-light rekka(1)-light rekka(1)-repeat ad nauseum

important to note that when you get TO the corner the pushback will force the rekkas out of range, but like I said, just finish it with UTKD or any kind of mixup if you want, you can even ultra 2 after a light rekka(1) if you just feel like styling I guess

I found another seiei combo in the corner just keep doing mk dives over and over. Seems strong and probably easy to do mixups/resets.

For those of you that missed it or COMPLETELY over looked it…

Just for the record, if you do that in the corner, the ideal with Ultra Finisher would be 3 light rekkas, then Ultra. Does 404 damage with Ultra 2.

For my testing, U1 never whiffed. close hp -> lk.dash rinse repeat.
for the left corner you dash everytime after cl.hp to your opponent. in the right corner its like midscreen always dash through.

i preffer U1 over U2, U2 trades to much or even gettin hit after startup, you dash fadc it from rekka can hitconfirm it from,cr.lp,s.lp -> U1 even for a 1 framer its to easy to connect.

Edit: Also did a short clip about U1, dont take a look at my inputs… they are strange :stuck_out_tongue:

Best thing about U1 is command grab, s.lp, U1. Maybe one day I get it down to use in a match =(.

Someone must sticky this thread!

can you go to the hp > lk command dash loop from overhead during seiei enbu? seems like it’s going to be easier than the cr. mp > dash loop
maybe overhead > walk abit > hp?
and how many loops of hp > lk command dash is optimal? maybe just 2-3 loops > command grab > another loop > (super bar finishes) > command grab again > xx > Ultra of choice?

Go to training mode and test it. Though I highly doubt it, since there’s a lot of pushback during Seien Enbu so you can’t just walk forward and do x. You’d probably have to do, dash, hp.

Depends on own you started the super. If there were few hits before or it wasn’t from a focus crumple, I’d rather finish the whole thing for at least 400 damage than risk a reset.

Also, the scenario you picture won’t work, it’s simply impossible to reset with a command grab or throw since the shadows leave the person in hitstun or blockstun forever (unless of course you wait forever before doing it).

If I can kill, I’m going to go for the loop.

Resets are really easy to work into the midscreen loop. You could, at any point, cs.hp xx dash, then lp palm or lk dash again, and then go for high/low/throw. And as shin_kensou reposted up above, you can link into either ultra with a lot of normals. I was even able to link to ultra, because the pushback isn’t too bad so both shaddows usually connect.

I haven’t tested it too much but you could even do jab/ xx dash and go for the mixup right then if the hitstun ends at the right time.

One thing to note about super into ultra, is that when you do the ultra, the shadows reset back to you, so if you ultra between the first and second shadow, the second shadow will not hit. This is important to know because on plenty of characters, yang’s medium normals (including overhead) push them out too far to connect with the second shadow. But if you can react to Yang getting the hit and not the shadow getting the hit, you can link into ultra fairly easily.