I seen this combo done, I just need to know the specifices.

He did only 2 slashes of the tourouzan, then did Yang’s 3 hit chain (S.Sht, S.Fwd, S.Rdh). And repeat

at any time in this combo do you have to walk toward the oppoenet?
what level of tourouzan did he use?

by the way, he did it on twleve and it was in the corner.

You know what? I seriously think this combo just HAPPENS RANDOMLY…:confused:

Well, to answer your questions, you do not walk forward at any time during the enbu combo. This is because you need as must time as you can get to execute the combo (which is common sense actually). As for the slash part, the 2 slashes must be fierce first (for range), and jab second (for quicker recovery time).

I swear, it just works about 10 percent of the time…I just don’t get it. :confused: The fierce slash just misses sometimes, even though you’re VERY CLEARLY in range.

This is because you DO have to walk forward. After the fierce and jab slash, you need to walk forward just a bit in order to get yourself close enough so that you can connect the slashes afterwards. It might work randomly otherwise, but if you walk a certain short distance, it will work every time. This is character dependent, as characters such as hugo, alex, and standing makoto are really fat and require no movement.

The reason it looks like you’re in range but you’re not hitting is probably because the sprite is stretched a little thin where your fierce slash is supposd to hit. When they start to recover it gets back in the right place, but they often block. It could be also because the slashes have several hit frames and the range changes between them. Hitting later during them may be too late and allow them to recover.

It’s much easier if the opponent is crouching, which gives you a lot more time to walk forward. It’s very short, you basically have to stop as soon as you see him walk forward (unless they’re crouching) and hit the chain.

Yeah, what I usually do is qcf>1 second pause>punch button. That’s how I pull off {Jab Mantis x1>Jab Mantisx1>}. Once you get into the groove it’s not that difficult.

Hot shit, thanks guys.

how bout doing jab slash for s.a.3?

as u land your 1st slash…the j.slash u can just repeat and repeat until your super is over…

and i have discover the s.a.3 unblockable:D :evil:

Well, if you want to get anal, you can combo the first 2 hits of the jab slashes until end.

this combo will only work if the opponent is crouching and in the corner. and you have to walk forward a bit after the first 2 slashes. and it works on everybody.

I never miss the fierce slash :confused:

What i do miss is what i want to do AFTER that shitty slash… so, in fear of missing i just do my shitty combo which involves me doing cr.short and from there repeating the shit and when reaching the last bit of tha whole shit i always fail to get that last cr.forward in. :sad:

so everyone should stick to SAII :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: exactly

sa3 works good on friends(for me), i d use it in a tourny but its uncommon to come across players who make no mistakes in their matches, but the prickly ass shit works so can t complain

well I use sa3 for pressure… it has half life potentail if u do resets… I do a high/low mix up with jab slashes,, and’s… lock em down with j.slashes either it hits or not the damage is shit so I watch em and if there crouching i’ll and if there standing i’ll to reset the damage then start j.slashes to lock em then do another overhead or low hit… ive been getting more success using this method than just j.slashing… it owns characters without dp type moves like urien, hugo etc…

Effectiveness of SA3 vs SA2 against:
Akuma 1:9
Hugo 10:1
Urien 4:6
Makoto 4:6