Seiei-Videu: Yang Video Thread



Thanks dude. Looking forward to the vids.


What happened to kyoku or 666? Are there any tournament footages?


They’re still playing but no footage afaik


Kyoku is like #6 in the Arcade rankings right now. We just have no footage besides the ones already on YT a few months ago.



That awkward moment when secondary yangs are doing more optimized damage than yang mainers


Nice vid there, Reiketsu has some tech vs Ibuki I can steal. Also damn Ibuki’s hurtbox is weird, so man fake crossups going on there although
Oppoibuki dealt with them well.


666 footage (I think, don’t have the time to watch both matches yet)



Mago bringing back old traitors?


He’s still one of my favs.



I made a video.
Maximum damage mode with Yang.


Yooo pretty good random yang.


Did anyone record the Mago vs Itabashi match? I’m really interested how he beat arguably the best Gief with Yang.

Also TGS had a lot of good Yang gameplay:

Mago vs Infiltration (Decapre)


Mago vs AiAi (Juri)


Kyoku vs Tokido (Akuma)


There’s a good amount I missed I’m sure as well


Yang 3F Safe Jump on Akuma, Evil Ryu, Oni, Ryu:


Erm 7 days later but anyways: the hk teleport is punishable if they quick stand, by sweep,, super, etc. Maybe even f.hp dunno.

There’s a better setup if you immediate upforward mk OS lk teleport. Crossup is impossible or very difficult to autocorrect, if they don’t quick stand do a up forward lk divekick after the teleport which hits as a fake crossup.


Wow 3F safe jump?! Havn’t played in a while or even checked the forums for that matter. Nice to see people are still sharing some yang tech at least.

I would like to share if anybody knows the Seie-Enbu dive kick loop midscreen? Not the T.hawk one of course.


Yang Mid screen seie enbu divekick combo on ryu.