Seimistu stick for HRAP PS2 1/2


Hello world

I would like upgrade my HRAP 1 & 2 for PS 2:



So for HRAP 2 I try a seimistu LS 32 ut screw hole do,nt match:

How to do please?



Try rotating the entire thing 90 degrees. Line up the left-right holes instead of the top-bottom holes.


that may work for the hrap2, but hrap1 i’m not sure :frowning:


Probably not.
Those HRAP1 holes look like they’re designed for the JLF (both with mounting plate and without).
I could be wrong, though.


yeah… i got a HRAP3 that has the same mounting holes as the HRAP1 and i have my JLF mounted without mountingplate.

But my HRAPEX does include those mounting holes for seimitsu and sanwa :slight_smile:


Yeah, those mounting structures are pretty common.
The more common Sega control panels for their cabinets (the 2-player HOT-2005 panel, for example) have mounts like that as well.


THX all I rtry it and post picture this night.


If rotating the pcb doesnt fix issue for the hrap2 maybe try a universal splate. Or you can always drill the hrap 2 mounting plate to fit the SS plate.

Hrap 1 plate i believe only accepts jlf and ls56.


THX for HRPA 2 it’s seems good, but the screw it’s too big. Could you advice me screw model please?


Too big (ie, the screw doesn’t fit the hole) or too long (ie, the screw fits, but the tip hits the panel)?

If it’s too big, someone might know the screw size thread pitch (I never owned an HRAP2).
If it’s too long, you can always a) use a nut or something as a spacer on to, or b) dremel/cut off the tip to get yourself a shorter screw.



this is the screw doesn’t fit the hole.


I honestly ended up drilling my own holes and using nuts and bolts.
A preferred method is using a tap and die set to cut threads into the holes you cut, so you can still use existing screws


Drilling holes is the only way to get ls32 to mount at proper height on alot of sticks. Its something you have to embrace as a ls32 user


Just like DS said, when it comes to HRAP2 mounts that use a JLF; You will find the other holes need to be tapped. The bolt isn’t too big, the problem is the holes have never been threaded.


I love hori but they have no respect for the LS32 lol


That’s not true, earlier Hori models were all about Seimitsu. Later gen Hori to commemorate and pay respect to their roots, made special editions for Seimitsu.

Tapping holes isn’t that big of a deal, go to a hardware store and spend 5 bucks, bolts included, donzo.


I still want a hrap 1 se. Never going to happen.
Yeah tapping a bracket isnt bad. Im used to going abive and beyond to get ls32 in sticks.
Have you tried GX and RG buttons before?